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Posts from March 2014

Watch Arnold Schwarzenegger Hit the 'Stanky Leg' (VIDEO)

This is toooooooooooooooo FUNNY!!!  I also knew Arnold was stiff with all that extra cushion but now the proof is in the pudding! Enjoy :)

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See What Our 2012 Kiss ICON Winners (SLOWBURN) Have Been Up TO

2012 was HUGE because it was my 1st year with Kiss FM in Milwaukee and because i got to be a part of #KissIcon . A new Icon will be crowned this year, but I wanted to check up on our last champ, to see what fan-tabulous things were brewing in their neck of the woods.  MEET MILWAUKEE'S OWN SLOWBURN!

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Happy St.Patrick's Day (MIX)

A mix to get your spirits high like Pharrell. Time to get HAPPY! ENJOY :)

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Car Wash! Windows Open?

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Do you wake to be offended?

I'm fully convinced that there's a select (and when i say "select". I mean very delicate and special) group of folks who wake up each morning with the sole intent to be offended.
They're like jackals; waiting for the worldly opportunity get angry about something/ anything.
The most recent simpleton outrage is the Oscar Memoriam. They (the conspiracy of miserable human drones) are racking up the list of names who were left out of the honored group.
But I'm betting there's certain group  who won't be offended by this oversight: Yep- the actors who were left off the Memoriam list. I'm guessing they're ok with it. Next.
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