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VIDEOS: Stuff You Can't See On The Radio (9/23)

This Budweiser Anti Drinking and Driving ad will make your heart melt:

The cutest fight in the history of ever. So fuzzy. These koalas.

The girl who famously quit yesterday had an explanation:

The luckiest bicyclist in the universe is this guy. Tell me I'm wrong:

Chickens vs. Squirrel. Chickens win.

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VIDEOS: Stuff You Can't See On The Radio (9/22)

Woman quits on live TV (NSFW Language)

It's a dog help dog world, yo.

This kid eats it hardcore, and laughs it off. (Don't worry, he was just fine)

A real life video game runthrough. If you're a fan of any 1990's video games, especially Mario Bros, you'll dig this:

Wheel of Fortune's third Million Dollar Winner Ever!

Famous movies re-created with stock footage. Once you watch it, you'll get it:

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VIDEOS: Stuff You Can't See On The Radio (9/18)

Here's that weird Matthew McConaughey commercial we've been talking about this morning. You have to admit, they're pretty odd:

Here's a cute cat video

Always make sure you properly dispose of your chewing gum, don't just throw it out or you can almost KILL a poor helpless hummingbird.

This guy races a freaking subway! Nuts.

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VIDEOS: Stuff You Can't See On The Radio (9/17)

Wes & Riggs: Extreme Makeover Edition from yesterday (ICYMI)

How to give good hugs:

High Fiving people who are hailing cabs is pretty geniusly awesome.

Jimmy Fallon did a duet with Barbara Streisand:

Adults trying 5th Grade Math:

Remember Ylvis! The Fox! They're back with another jam...

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VIDEOS: Stuff You Can't See On The Radio (9/16)

#TakeItLiteralTuesday Episode 1: Susan is so damn lazy.

Isn't it fun to blow in a baby's face? Especially when they react like this:

Afraid of wasps? Don't watch this video - skip to the next one.

Ever been through a breakup? Pretty sure we all have, but if you haven't - here's what happens to your body.

Rapping the classifieds:

Here's a "Shake It Off" Lip Dub done a by Kentucky Fraternity. Putting their tuition to good use.

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