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VIDEOS: Stuff You Can't See On The Radio (8/19)

Taylor Swift dropped a new video for her single "Shake It Off". Peep it here:

This little girl says goodbye to her pacifier. Awww...

A turtle chasing a truck. This little fella is FAST!

Robin Williams made a nice video for a terminally ill cancer patient, and it was awesome as usual.

...And Matthew McConaughey rocking a fanny pack. ha!

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VIDEOS: Stuff You Can't See On The Radio (8/18)

Hey honey! .....is that a MOOSE drinking from our sprinkler?

Chris Pratt took the ice water challenge, and it was a little humorous.

Justin Timberlake and 25,000 fans sing "Happy Birthday" - makes an autistic kid's YEAR!

These ladies are twerking for a surprising audience...

Wait for it.....waaaaait for it...

I hate cats, but this cat took in an orphan bunny rabbit. I guess this cat is on my safe list.

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VIDEOS: Stuff You Can't See On The Radio (8/15)

A salmon cannon. Who doesn't want to shoot fish at people?

A goosbump inspiring Robin Williams Tribute:

Daniel Radcliffe surprising fans at a theater:

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VIDEOS: Stuff You Can't See On The Radio - (8/14)

Jimmy Fallon had Taylor Swift on his show last night for another episode of "Ew!"

How many Robin Williams references can this sports reporter fit into one report? 25 ish?

Cake decorating robots are a thing, and they are cool as heck to watch.

This plane doesn't have any windows...but its actually AUESOME!!

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VIDEOS: Stuff You Can't See On The Radio (8/13)

The Muppets video you couldn't see on the radio this morning. Check it:

Fifty Shades of Frozen. Eerily erotic...

David Attenborough narrates a documentary about #FanGirls. Ha!

And finally - Sh#t Wisconsinites Say. Ha! Pretty spot on:

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