2017 Hallmark Christmas Movie Schedule is Here!

The list is here! There's nothing like getting into the holiday spirit by cozying up with some blankets, hot chocolate, and those classic Christmas movies we all look forward to. Now you can start planning those family movie marathons because Hallmark's Christmas Movie line-up is here! We all know...
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A Movie... About The Packers?!

Yes, you read that right. A feature-length movie was filmed mostly in Green Bay, and the Packers are a central plot point! "The 60 Yard Line" is a comedic film about a die-hard Packers fan, who used the money he was supposed to spend on his wedding to buy a house near Lambeau Field. It was filmed...
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Service Lets You See Movies in Theaters for Just $9.95

A new service will allow you to see as many movies as you'd like for a flat fee, and it's definitely affordable! How cool is this? Going to the movies is expensive. Tickets are $10-12 depending on the theater, and that adds up if you're a movie fan. The new service is called MoviePass, and for just...
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