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Do You See Pink and White or Blue and Grey?!

Remember the black/blue vs. white/gold dress controversy? Well, it's happening again. On October 11th, a Twitter user uploaded a pic they'd seen on their feed of a shoe they were convinced was pink and white, but many others saw blue and grey. It immediately went viral on both Twitter and the...
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What Did YOU Have To Find Out On SOCIAL MEDIA?!

Ever been scrolling through Facebook and see that someone close to you has made a LANDMARK ANNOUNCEMENT that you had no idea about? Gibbons had to find out via listeners on Snapchat that Mamma G got engaged....again!
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Facebook is Finally Removing The Poke Button

Facebook is (finally) saying buh-bye to one of its creepier features. That's right, it is time to say goodbye to the poke option. If you'll recall this is the feature where it just left a notification for the user that you had "poked" them. Seriously, who came up with that in the first place? Why...
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