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Weekdays 5am - 10am
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Riggs has worked in the radio industry for the better part of 15 years. He has work several different on-air time slots, as well as production, and even has experience on camera for TV purposes. Riggs started his radio career while growing up in Indiana. Which means Riggs is a Colts fan but maintains that the Packers are his favorite NFC team. He currently resides in Franklin, WI with his wife and dog, Sampson. 

Weekdays 5am - 10am
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Alley Faith

Alley is the proud mother of two boys, Owen & Hudson. She spends all of her free time with her sons. She also has a black lab named Bella.  When she actually finds some time to herself, she enjoys traveling, watching reality TV and trying out new recipes.

Weekdays 5am - 10am
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Joe "The Judge" Brown

My Name is Joe Brown, but who am I to JUDGE? Milwaukee made me and I Love the City dearly. One day it will not be so darn segregated so that we can see the true beauty of it! One day I will be in the position to give back and help kids understand that Passion + Hard work will actually pay off, no matter what adversity you face. PS- if you're not laughing or smiling 89% of the day, call me at 414-313-SIKE hahah! 

Weekdays 10am - 2pm
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Nathan Graham

Nathan got his start doing radio in college where he co-hosted a late night slow jams show. From there, he was hired on to be the overnight guy in Kansas City. He did that for about a couple years, then moved to Springfield, MO for his first full-time night gig. He was only there six months before Milwaukee snatched him up! . 

Weekdays 2pm - 7pm
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Kraig Karson

Kraig is an odd bird. He plays whiffle ball in his backyard throughout most the year; regardless of the weather. His neighbors avoid him at all costs. He loves salty foods...like Celery Salt, pretzels and olives by the jar.  He loves time with his family: His wife and 7 year-old son, horrible music, and running. He’s extremely disorganized, but clean and well-groomed.

Weeknights 7pm - Midnight
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DJ Gee-A

Watch yourself! Milwaukee nights will never be the same!


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