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Pink and Husband Being Sued Over Photos

Pink and her husband, Carey Hart are in a bit of hot water from their altercation with a photographer back in June. TMZ has reported that Boris Issaei has filed a lawsuit against the couple, claiming that he was physically beaten and humiliated during the fight. The photog also claimed that he was only trying to snap a photo of the singer while she was changing her daughter's diaper in a playground. And apparently, Pink's husband snapped, saying, "You f*cking pedophile." Pink reportedly chimed in and said, "You're photographing my baby naked." Boris then said that Carey's friend attacked him by kicking him in the shin, stomping on his feet and kneeing him in the groin. He added that his camera equipment was damaged during the fight. The photographer -- who also claimed that Pink insisted that he deserved the beating, is suing for assault and battery, destruction of his camera equipment and he is demanding unspecified damages.

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