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What Did Alec Baldwin Flip Out About Now?

30 Rock star Alec Baldwin allegedly got angry in East Hampton last Friday because the restaurant he was going to for a Hamptons magazine bash did not offer valet parking. The NY Post is reporting that the actor became quite upset because he was trying to prevent his pregnant wife, Hilaria, from having to deal with the heat.  Sources told the newspaper that Alec insisted upon receiving VIP parking upon realizing that nobody would be taking his keys to find a spot for him. He reportedly parked his Mercedes SUV in front of a driveway and other cars had to pull around him to get to the entrance.  Other celebrity guests included Mariska Hargitay, George Stephanopoulos, Michelle Marie Heinemann, and Elaine Sargent.  Alec also appeared on Howard Stern's radio show on Tuesday (July 23rd) to defend himself after Anderson Cooper called him homophobic for using the words "toxic little queen" to describe a reporter for the Daily Mail in a recent Twitter rant. Baldwin said, "What I realize about Cooper is, everybody in media, they have a job to do. Anderson Cooper has a job to do. And that job is to try to reinforce his credibility in the gay community after the fact that you couldn't get him out of the closet for 10 years with a canister of tear gas. Now he's the sheriff. Now he's running around writing everybody a ticket."

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