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Ed Hardy Blames Jon Gosselin For Ruining His Brand

The Ed Hardy brand has hit some hard times in the last several years and Ed himself believes Jon Gosselin is to blame. The brand's namesake revealed to the NY Post that he can pinpoint exactly when it all went downhill for his clothing line despite having been hugely popular with celebrities like Madonna.  Hardy explained that the brand's licenser Christian Audigier developed a friendship with Gosselin and it was that affiliation that destroyed everything. The TLC reality star was repeatedly photographed wearing their label including once on Christian's yacht with his then-girlfriend Hailey Glassman. Ed said, "That Jon Gosselin thing was the nail in the coffin. That's what tanked it. Macy's used to have a huge window display with Ed Hardy, and it filtered down and that's why Macy's dropped the brand. Christian worships celebrities so much, he will get next to anyone who is famous for anything. If he could have gotten Charles Manson in a shirt, he would have."  Ed is promoting the release of his memoir Wear Your Dreams: My Life in Tattoos.

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