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Autopsy Reveals Michael Jackson Did Have Skin Disorder

A Los Angeles County deputy medical examiner confirmed on Monday that Michael Jackson did have vitiligo -- a skin disorder where some areas of his skin were light and others were dark. According to The LA Times, Christopher Rogers testified at the Michael Jackson wrongful death trial that Michael -- who was 5 foot 9, only weighed 136 at the time of his death. The x-rays showed that he suffered from arthritis in his lower spine and fingers.  Rogers also testified that Michael had a pink tattoo in his lips, dark tattoos on his eyebrows and on top of his head.  Toxicologist Dan Anderson also testified on Monday that Michael is the only person in Los Angeles County not in the medical field to die of propofol intoxication in their home in the last 14 years.  This is week two of the wrongful death suit -- which Michael's mom and his children filed against AEG Live.

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