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Leigh McNabb's Blog

The New Kid on the Block

So day two is well under way and I'm lovin' every second of it!  Thanks to all who have been so welcoming!  I do need a favor, though.  Since I'm the newbie, can you suggest some things I have to check out in the Milwaukee area?  Food?  Bars?  Fun local stores?  Heck, I even need a grocery store.  Fill me in!!

08/31/2010 6:36AM
The New Kid on the Block
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09/02/2010 6:38AM
Welcome Leigh! I was out of town and came home to find a change on Kiss FM. I listen most during your time so look forward to hearing more about you! Cant help about milwaukee area- as im south in Kenosha- good luck!
09/02/2010 6:49AM
Leigh Mcnabb
Thanks, Kristina!
09/14/2010 4:41AM
Milwaukee has tons of fun things to do but i depends on where in milwaukee your staying. South side and downtown there is a little irish place called Slim's that is really great to eat and if you have the courage there is a ton of good hispanic food place all over the neightborhoods just south of downtown but the neightborhood isn't the place to go alone. Out in Wawatosa Mo's Irish pub on Bluemound is great and has good night life. Miller Park is always fun. Red Robin and Kopps by Southridge are always fire and Buffalo Wild Wings all over the city are amazing. Hope you find some fun and welcome to Wisconsin hope you like the cold weather cause it's coming soon.
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