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Seth Simon

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I now love A.I.

I found after Gokey was here on Friday that he is a really good guy with a dynamic story!!!  He gave me a new appreciation for a show I had given up on after Daughtry got the shaft!  I will be watching for the rest of this season and maybe into next year as well.  Can you think of anyone you have seen in 8 seasons of this show that would make a better Idol then Danny?!?!  I think not.  I may even vote!  j/k!  Let's not get carried away!  But Go Go Gokey!!!!!!!

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05/12/2009 6:23AM
I now love A.I.
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05/29/2009 9:20AM
Rosie Berger
Okay so my hubby and I were watching the second half of the auditions for SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE last night and in like the last few auditions Rahny's freakin' doppleganger was on the dang stage...you have to look up the clip somehow...seriosly! Okay, that's all!
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