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If You've Been Invited To A Wedding...

If you've recently been invited to a wedding... I have a few thoughts for you.


I'm getting married in a few weeks, so I can tell you 1st hand that the minute you get your invite, the bride and groom are already waiting to get it back!  

Though it's just another day to you, maybe even a pain to you, it's a BIG day to them, and a ton of money, work and planning!


I think it's somewhat tacky to bring just anybody!  I'm not picking on single people, I'm just saying REMEMBER that the bride & groom are paying a lot for each person that is there, so do you really want them to have to pay for some chick or dude that you might never go out with again?


Going thru this process I realize why weddings are such a pain... it's because we are all selfish on some level!

As gross as it sounds the more you realize that this isn't about you, and just try to be polite and do whatever is asked of you, the more you'll be loved and appreciated from the bride & groom!

These things might be obvious to you, but they weren't to me, so I just wanted to pass them along!

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08/27/2012 9:29AM
If You Got Invited To A Wedding...
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