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Seth Simon

Welcome to E-Quest Alerts!

Introducing Blitz “E-Quest Alert!” Never Miss Your Favorite Songs Again… Check Out The E-Quest Widget Below And Use The E-Quest Alert Search Tool To Find A Song Or Artist You’d Like To Hear… Then, We’ll Send You A Text Or E-Mail Right Before The Song Is Scheduled To Play!

Get Started Here!

Just click either "Search" or "Login' on the widget below and get started. You can select a song or create your own KISS Account and select a bunch of your KISS favorites! either way, aside from whatever your particular text and data rates are it's totally FREE! Have fun and never miss your fave KISS music!!

Don't forget! Once your E-Quest Alerts arrive on your smartphone, you can fire up the KISS app and listen right away! The App is free and you can find out more here!

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