What's Your Good News - Hanging With Gibbons' Dad

Monday, July 17th

Riggs got some special insight into Gibbons' upbringing when he got a first-hand account from the man, the myth, GIBBONS' DAD!


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Makes an Alley rewind. Yes one of three point seven kiss FM it's rigs and Natalie good morning good news value is an old it's easy to get to meet given his dad but yeah. Inez. Future version of givens like I was I was hanging out feature givens in the present yeah. I think the boy like you as a random like he'd have to read it we wouldn't have a GM. Damir. It's political value is like building a monument but the moment T bothered him that Kimberly. Yes she's crazy. I think. The right. There spend we can do announcing a givens. He's he's got at seven airplane that was fun that's. Weekend okay to let some river valley. I was little dramatized by about an okay factor or event. I don't. I want to question I would like this is so good as his staff felt like c'mon we can do this we can do this great I don't like the guys rally and I Donovin Darius. Rally out rally it. Possibly Gibbons with your good ideas Mike good news I got the C three of my favorite sports teams over the weekend aren't. Friday he might that would Chicago when Harry Carey who did time and we saw the White Sox play out mariners Seattle Mariners are my favorite teams. That civil war in my world. The result Milwaukee vs the Phillies in Philadelphia good and the brewers it was gracious and they can unlimited text and attack. Well I can't get to go to my wedding or anything else this weekend what do hello which are good news at LA. Anything I spent all week and clean like a crazy person on my hand that needs cleaning my floor is. Taking every artwork itself I feel great nights I am very clean. Here to go home to today answer accomplished song in the home and yard inside and out and I ordered 900 days of Ramadan by this weekend and I. Ha ha ha I yeah. You're gonna see you gonna come home to so many box I can tell my 120. I differently. I'm so glad you're on Amazon trail now. Welcome to the club welcome. Riggs and Elliott brings it Ellie weekday mornings and always on demand and 1037 kiss FM dot com.