The Truth Jar - Organized or Na

Monday, July 17th

Can you still consider yourself organized if your place is a mess, but you know where everything is? The Truth Jar asked someone if they're organized!!!


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This is a creates an Alley rewind right now is time for the truth jar invoke questions at a real pickle jar and better read them on the radio and get a question you want us to put the truth Gary can certainly Texas has suggestions. Just 71037. That's how we get a lot of our truth George Bush corrective mode now only a mind says from the trees gyro what's the best way to travel. They bring you did travel planes cars or trains Deutsche Russia odd car all day. Form of transportation that. That's your pick slowest may be but that's an absolutely no lines you rather be crammed in a silver tubes and shot him between two strangers with offered forced congress how. Screening people's hair and eating terrible food and paying hundreds of dollars in the when he could drive into leading the country you're playing early breast imaging camera. I'm sure you're traveling in a contest but I'm doing or hours do you know your way over here like screw. He's very active today with the right containing a road trip as possible. And ends up. If your friend Fred or something like that. You're driving with him or. It's funny you can make a stop she didn't want a map between takes him off the beaten path to see some random ass I'll grab anybody. It's ready to go unpunished but I would take car all day you can train nice cars and planes and trains trains are terrible. I was really glad you must. Just quickly Dan I don't Chicago or most strains are quick. Now about yet but I'm not old school anymore Brown's popular when I listened to new Jersey's. I was thinking like I lied to a driver do I think the train the train and what does he mean thirty hours to get there. Period what ignited hours death train to number 30 Berkshire and absolutely and the street cars university. I'd uh huh yeah. But at present. I answered your question is what did you absolutely. Hate us. Eighteen Joker just I only ask right now everything in my younger and younger every era. Yes and Melanie you heard that name itself is kind of gross dealers. Disgusting. Pig yogurt not a big fan or. You'll really catch a movie you'll never catch me eating making our ordering mug shot yeah. I don't like the cottage cheese and I don't I don't actually created and other people like we do and I think she's an Alley or different things a substitute by. I'm scared steer away from Madonna in my whole life and I don't like. I was like that for awhile and then we see attitude of got to shoot for something else maybe I better not long. Well I hate black all of us doing I had a lot of green olives they hate black all black thousand pieces grows too. Green olives here you allow this these additives like nothing but black. I'll agree I'll just give us which blood that you just from the truth Joseph our argue very organized person. Does depends what you would call organized because by conventional wisdom to know I'm not organized if you're go to my place. Bachelor pads Massey is held here yeah it might seem a little cluttered but to me it's a 100% organized because I know where everything is. If I all I know where to get it is I feel that I organized closed society. Would say no you're not organize and all you don't know what's going on though like this. Read Internet articles say people like Albert Einstein Steve Jobs who are very Smart people had very messy work place you really can I call it Albert I carry out desktop. Premiering at yeah. I just try. Did it is Albert eyes I mean c'mon there's a big gala event or listen rings I appreciate the sentiment. Trinidad's us I'm talking. Because I'm a genius I don't all right and trying. Economist we can get them like god knows. Great casting. You think you're calling out of the comments a lot of as the troops are renewed every morning at the same time to get those text questions that you chart just 71037. They truly yours. Riggs and Elliott Riggs and Elliott weekday mornings and always on demand and 1037 kiss FM dot com.