Riggs - Dealing With Sudden Death

Monday, July 17th

Things took a serious turn this morning when Riggs let us into his personal life and told us about a recent sudden death in his family. 


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Kelly why. In case you missed it the first time. You're right and yeah I'll be all right I wanted to talk about something now or yeah I don't. I tell us thought you guys about this though it'll get serious for a second I seriously don't get serious and often we don't these series set off from the serious things happen yet. Had a death in the family didn't Havana last week and it was I've never had a death happened to me that was. And directly impacting nearly then peeled and Noelle but my wife's father passed labor that was my father in Noland. This is my own all your grandparents again I visit my local rich who was my mom's brother. Who. Killed himself out which is crazy oh yeah which is I think if if somebody and it died it's just makes little more sense if it's like a car crash if that's horrifying obviously more like Diana fire drowning her. Some sort of other accident is and you know it's like golf that's horrible that happen or heart attack while in health conditions are cancerous terrible it. With something like a suicide that that's the Sox you don't know Elam and answers like this is somebody that was hanging out with like I talked about him on the radio was the guy delivered. He's gonna sure if he's called any doesn't Donald Doug voiced all of us and how. And everybody else but what he does this got up and spot on Donald not compression. But it's a really really weird to have somebody that was date it's like when I grew up it was kind of like a dad to make it my. My meal that lasts my A mom when I was much younger yeah so I was kind of growing up with my grandparents who were my second appearance. But I had my uncle Rick who's now gone and my ankle Tony who were my my dad's if you guys in my life concerning every kid needs to. Some sort of a father figure recently announced garbage free green I seller reminiscent. Serious I'd seriously so oasis is a lot to handle tennis I'll lastly can we do we deal were not Alicia what happened. They are going to be gone past that outing on the rest of the weekend that's where I. Want to have someone died suddenly. Yes and then to have to feel like there's no reason or no answer because mental illness is its impedes your greatest thing. Many people wanna say oh that's a selfish in this does not even a reality and a person who can now it's here's your ears just like any other part of your body would be sick you're not rational death you know your mentally ill and it sucks. This out of his such a happy person to some of the people and happy as an outsider and sat out there in IL you can't imagine. Concern I'm happy go lucky uncle Rick I grew up with a hole in my whole life was. Struggling inside out. On the outside so if this is fine the last couple days have been my family going to get his orders to be his affairs in order to see that they just moved to Tampa. Forget kids that he did have ran history in cities and ask youngest all suggests graduated high school Leo won the oldest one's graduating college and I. His kids the kids have to feel bad for kids who you have you. And so of the kids and dance down my cousins and my answer my mom has been the one that's kind of gone down and taken charge and and helps prepare everything so I'm going to the funeral mostly everyone's so distraught somebody's got to be able to take care stuff right now and I to do you would you have never been used you before I don't know. But what funeral for your no ideals luckily now. My his what his sons is writing it for me. Oh good so I was like okay. Because it is askew ideology is is it wrong. Written already it would have idea it would have to be written already in action just thought there in freestyle for twenty minutes or congress. Already has them on Alex himself from when he was on the shelves and thank god saved like congress things like all right we did attend a couple snapshots with them and Alison hanging out a couple weekends ago and something inside of me was like saying the snap Jessica puts net jets on my story all the time the output mama stored in my cap move on it's there's something I was like. No I'm gonna save us someone to look back on someday yeah I guess saved those three there were just goofy ass Nash gentlest talking about how many Beers we drink but it was like them. Something was I can't say those you know one amendment this is a weird that like a week later he's he kills himself it's. So I wanted to share because if I've been a little off lately time as an analyst thing that's what's wrong with rigs rigs I was next time I was sorry. Take heat hers since I was telling you and given don't think it publicly like you and your dad. The hotel suite Janet Howell eats had a big distraction with me this weekend so thank you for. Ian Foreman that I got to deal with it had to announce sometime this past six. Possessive thing with almost like death it's like all these stages like the denial. I'm still I'm still hasn't shown great now still. Still like tried to process your uncle still committing suicide it's crazy yeah I just say I commend you rigs for talking about this openly 'cause a lot of diesel get embarrassed by suicide they're ashamed and they don't want to talk about it now and huge I'm glad you're like talking about it because we need to pay attention everyone around yeah. And make sure it broke me of course is that this summer he seems happy doesn't mean they Mountain View on a sang to political he would like to stalked everybody has questions yeah. Yeah well this'll this is one of those things at all. Change you forever yeah. You know Richard going to be OK now they aren't tennis that's probably for the rest of the week I. Rigs in LA it breaks it Ellie weekday mornings and always on demanded and won three setting kiss FM dot com.