Not So Hallmark Holidays - Past St. Patrick's Day

Monday, March 20th

St. Patrick's Day is in the rearview mirror, so it's time to discover some new Not So Hallmark Holidays.


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One of three point 7% to. You won't find it greeting cards authorities. Here are your not so hallmark holidays for today is march 20 listeners to date of spring AKA the Vernal equinox AKA winters ugly hang over national ravioli day. No alien abduction day and hopefully one day they'll come down to earth take you up at the station put stuffing your but what it's national pro. Proposal saying the act guys you've been putting it off this in the data do it. Gave her to shut up about it the great American meat out is celebrated today played a minute a day without meat I'll pass on us today we celebrate the -- of oral storytelling it's national storytelling games also international day of happiness tax cap needed a national jump out today I did that yesterday out of an airplane atheist Friday honest to god and would you be mine could you be mine won't you be my neighbors games those are a year not sell hallmark holidays for march 20. 103 point seven to assess them.