Hell To The NAWH - Spilled Guinness

Monday, March 20th

Gibbons partied a little too hard on St. Patrick's Day and wound up spilled Guinness on his shirt....which just so happened to be from the Guinness Brewery in Dublin, Ireland. YIKES!


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An Alley relax. In case you missed it the first time so it's when you're watching one of the basketball games over the weekend it's just the deciding factor of your bracket yes thirty seconds left yeah watching it in a bar. And then it changes the women's gymnastics in your life. Why do I. All the respect for women and gymnastics. And I think there's two minutes left in the Purdue I would. Mine and the I was Clinton wedding on my bracket yeah but this isn't my cup did today that check again I think Denmark. Mean there. Haven't gone farther I can't do give the winner. Duke it out over the weekend I'd say this is strapped. You do so I'm out they lost last place last night. Got sex sell Baja 4147991037. What is there a year Helton and introduce you givens a you know it's when you're at the bar on saint patty's day your dream nice Guinness. And the news still that Guinness on your get his shirt and get dinner. On Saturday. It is so nice dainty the party how. You don't get CNN on your shirt and I are damn right it yet is still at least three hours is eager Guinness upon you for. It's Cecil Saint Patrick's Day here's how what was your health and you know it happened over the weekend 4147991037. I Lisa and miss Diego. What was your health is in a moment. Parliament but emailed me and Freddie and come in my four hour day and Saturday need to be an eight hour. That's the morning after Saint Patrick's Day. Us nationals cruel and unusual punishment Lisa that's for sure that he should be reported to the authorities tar and good that the G got to make that money now gonna make them and thanks for only seven and appreciate less than. David in Reseda what haven't made you say Powell to the no. So I'm at my local I can say that we cherish you cannot I all I'll. I'm Brian from the older parent and I've bowl knowledge and it declared. Two months adult. Oh boy. Well I fire younger. Governor that my French and getting I'm getting there refrigerated should be fun. That before I take at any grocery store really when I pull ups like cheese and cabbage cheese and it's expired. Or did they probably dismissed it now probably. Is overly lenient when they say what you took it up there. Let's clear where they told me well a couple of weeks ago account IO elaborate what the basic right for it felt like someone vomit it's. Realize he has inspired you know from November. In the diaper. From that makes a lot better job at that debate anymore. That's the way they sorry actually I loved it and they've got a great story attitude. Second how can anyone out there and anyway and they probably have a younger David. Clearly didn't want her dad's. Or so that's mass that think we're overlooking the fact that kernel milk makes pretty CNN's uncomfortable. Guys got us hurtled stink all rodeo we know turtles milk Jesus is Eric could you talk about two and I know I felt. Rigs in LA it's Briggs at LE weekday mornings and always on demanded and won three setting kiss a Dem dot com.