Hell To The NAWH - Riggs and Gibbons Fight

Friday, June 16th

You guys! The honeymoon is over! Check out why Riggs and Gibbons got into a HUGE fight!!


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She missed it the first time. An Alley every line. One of those moments wind and you realize that when your very best friends the whole world is at your very favorite bar right down the road and doesn't even colleague Heidi for yeah. And I or. Yeah. And now can't do Everyman candidate. Can I do next. Door and 4147. I'm 107 by the way do I was gonna help to the Nellie I love doing Gibbons rigs right yeah we're fighting. You know it's it's like when your friend Alley you know when your friend goes to the bar and it's like your favorite bar the gradually goes together with his wife here and then an. And then see who will you do this like before Wednesday night together and then he doesn't call you and all I can get a slice. Joseph I have read of him and I'm right here on the right I'm just so repeated right EST let it. You know you guys if I I would take from each other fight I had I don't know I didn't trying to snap jab looking at a picture you're. Here it's floor or another that's right. What did you come. I feel good. I want no winners. I think now great finale Gibbons and rigs are having a girl fight gas and loving every man and have let us. Other mines normally women died over stuff like Jesse and invite me sometime after reviewing the premiere of slower absolutely. Their friend again. I about it what might read whether it would hold a grudge for six weeks and our president put it on faith and our Bridget Bridget yeah it certainly. Signature or else. I don't morning Jamie would have an image is Elton enough. Well I'm paying my eight year old when I picture from a number yet but I don't ask what I did it ain't America I know why. Rock of Honolulu. Yeah. Yeah yeah simply don't care. It's a pretty arc building. And while welcome addition emergency you're already used to get a deal sash my car at one. The Aybar could get it up I thought and then Hartley can't hear you look at she and another battle to the night. Yeah series. Y all I ask how you got and how did you squeezes. No actually you are still at our anti granola and irregular it's flat panel gaps and slick it. Yeah the guy for our Harris wow way to go. I'd take your roster I mean that's the kids just love pink hello legacy they like to amend their mouth gaps in addition. Holes you scream. Yeah I thought at that age but yet. I'm thirty and I still a gruff sort of scenario it is asset credits not how did out there reforms he had it didn't matter they took on immigrant into 2008. Stephanie good morning heading Helton and now you wanted to share yeah. I yeah I am Ali. My web front wanted to take me out for ice cream and Miguel is the lying and does its credit card got quiet. I saw were the you have a second credit card to get to as a backup or not I have not fool. You. This is the first day now he said was. Yeah that's not a turn off. I can't get Steve. You know apparently brought on his credit card they had here but then there's your rental anywhere yet now Andre Kirilenko. Good for you Stephanie. When in doubt that blood pressure saying perfect health and he got another wanting cause Monday morning would do it the same time one of three point seven kiss FM. Riggs an Alley it breaks it Ellie weekday mornings and always on demand and one of three setting kiss FM dot com.