Gibbons - Wild Weekend With Dad

Monday, July 17th

Lots of baseball, special bonding and a blackout highlighted Gibbons' weekend with his old man in MKE.


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Kelly replied yeah. In case you missed it the first time one of three point seven kiss FM it's rigs and Alley Alley in Allen back to feature when you're sitting there when the ceiling young mart in the final Martin. There in the same room. Telling that this weekend salon. Well gallium melon and go okay well the last time you guys spent some quality time with your parents ran just through college into the wind and had a shot and blast. A black. I had a blast records years we went through my hair now neither my parent I don't party with my parents like you do they're not like that. IE there's two types of parent compared to treat like your kid aren't you. Which I didn't when you don't do you think smelling chicken like a cat yeah I'm I'm not really the party mom. Turn them I'm not gonna be like go to their bachelor party and I had no right now. Traditional kind. So me and my dad had a blast OK we we hung out on Thursday when pulls out to told you guys about and then on Friday we went to Chicago. Salt White Sox mariners game and on the south side we didn't get shot which was glorious right and it's all culminating in this big Phillies brewers game on Saturday I told my dad there is that when dad. This is fun Fridays gonna be fun but Saturday Vernon tailgate and I'm gonna go hard. And alleys like every other day yeah yeah it's clear that it says forget it. Now I've never had a drink at my dad before my dad had some some issues in the past he stopped drinking and I've never manager of the hour now now now now so. Prison judge should he play one play he looked over and you know the bartenders like Gillette try something givens like this he's really gonna wanna offer to my dad instead of like you know what doesn't even tell me anymore. Thank them for you could forget. And I I can only result here because we started delegating on Saturday and it was a really fun time and then I'd tell had a little bit too much to drink yes. She really remember a whole lot after the tailgate right actually. If you don't remember and well we had trouble getting to our. Seats and twice because I haven't kept losing his tickets tonight really actually two daughters tickets. At nine. This lady had hers and it his good givens kept losing it kept AdAware what I was doing with that. Connected it was ticket in the woman's like teenage ticket to get out there they're clumsy start company seeks in Miller just let anybody in the club yet or any tickets gas. What is like I don't know where it is an award is so the woman is like dean maybe leave it in the restaurant as a pianist that's exactly what happened Leo adamant she does go back to the restaurant get. So that was also one in the hands of her babysitting yeah I was I was visiting gives him a fifth in his decades ago and he's considered anything going on. I guess you don't. I know right. I want well I'll try to neighbors like thirty years of drunken dad usually does it all in 19 million easier to deal with how his day and get good you know. No I don't as you can do is he OK listen I've never seen my son Dominic does as you can I was like he's fine he's just drunk. It's just incredibly incredibly drunk felony spilled beer on kids. Did I really maybe you did. Okay. It may be at this. May be LL elegant nice guy and a long revenue for. Both your staff chats here yeah and rhetoric spent fund I do when I'm in blackout mode I don't really go all my phone much ado the so she really think I'm always focused on drink and yes fallen down within the next morning on what the hell happened. Briefly what was your problem myself medals around his children get your dad is awesome man he's like he's a he's a future version of view when. Many talk about your momma momma G in that we thank you see how they're both crazy laundry is like given status so funny angle the lord has had to be to be with mom and G yeah ice. Very media yeah. You look at something even make that every night in town he can the amount he's awesome yeah I wish I could've gone. You know those kids here are having things called responsibilities. Is responsible bill back to having. Yeah thank you. That with a PC other people's children yeah I. Rigs in LA it's Riggs and Elliott weekday mornings and always on demand and 1037 kiss FM dot com.