Gibbons - Vacation Envy

Friday, February 17th

Gibbons has friends and family currently vacationing all over the world, so he's feeling pretty envious. 


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Nellie relax. JCMR the first time when you're out your dream vacation dream vacation out. I it's a toss up. Costs of producing given some time. Because on one hand I would like to visit the are headaches like Antarctica pretty good super expensive get and then yeah. Or on the other hand I would like to hit the mounds of acute I'll. Okay come and give. I am super jealous I would like to either backpacks to America and all the national parks. Or backpack through Europe. But sure of my friends to people are very close to mirror on what I would consider my dream vacations all one is on right now on the other one my mom is leaving tomorrow I and they revenue in your face and basically you guessed mama Jane is going to Jamaica tomorrow. Oh inclusive place of their fiance cheeky and I've been getting social media bombardment distort us and all kinds of videos. 75 degrees out there eighty degrees just left yep she's a unpacking him look good meat at. After my vacation I'm so excited. And then leave a friend we've had mutual friend who's all over Europe he's posting photos everywhere in Europe Paris. Rome Madrid Spain and I'm over here in Milwaukee reason my butt off going to ask how go to Europe. I'd love to go to Jamaica hell I wanted to just like California or somewhere warm at this point. Well hello it's going to be warm and at this weekend but it's gonna feel like Southern California amid mad men in northern Californians with. She's being so excited about 5060 Salinas as we can definitely though I am a big kids like social media and he didn't where she gets enough. I would tell you watching people's human highlight reel how highlight films and they're going home to their tolerance miserable their broke suggesting that I got up to an apartment there eating Rama noodles and about and check out. I'm not letting their destitute very very hero. Rigs in LA it's Briggs at LE weekday mornings and always on demanded and won a three setting kiss FM dot com.