Gibbons - First Spin Class

Thursday, February 16th

Gibbons made it to work this morning, which means he survived his first-ever spin class.....barely.


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She missed it the first time. Well in real life. Anybody out there still sticking up for their New Year's resolutions still sticking to it. You made that New Year's resolution and it's a new year new you I did would you closure New Year's resolution now McKinney is resolution those. Can do it pretty well we'll let you say so myself I need one to get my life together and maybe get in shape and guess what breaks less and it started. Yesterday all that's rights so Rick's been trying to get me go to spin class to go to the gym with him her life since the beginning of the year like I can I got to do this I got to do that. There's a laundry and inspection in my apartment ultra stuff but just got in the way and I said art that's it. Then return telling people they do is come into the gym and then I had the appointment last I have to deal that I made an appointment for spin class. Everybody said dude you're gonna to boost in class you're going to die. You're gonna run Brian and Brian brought the good dude play a dozen people and you're dome with regional recently did you know bridge can make you run run and run and run. Ago or week that I get and mail maps are riding a bike for an odd it's way more than just riding a bike and negotiating a name at the spreading a bike a pill curve. Please I minutes or go to their rigs is like you know you can just kind of high in the corner no one's really gonna notice source OK guys and you know I tried I in the corner and the instructor goes based. Usually do yeah. I know we just let the good thing. Enough people or other distance I got here is this is a little they'd get ends like go to like yep you're abhor did you beat up the G parents want me in the morning Joseph. Pick your buddy list in class men threw a ged but. And the zone but because that's the sort part meetings on the desk just yeah amazing. I would Blake from the rest of the day I was legal loan I was only on a normal high life high schools doing around field on great and then like. 530 last night it's crashed I'm gonna sit down on the council. So that. Allah I do I look what midnight Els and what the hell happened to me I don't know a little one. He'd be legend buddy now yet for real I'm gonna make you go with me all the time it's going to be awesome display today do you just not thankfully he's not as indigenous people to people to go like Ashton Jim lives cash exit left hash tag. Yeah everything in its close within the gym all the time I'm. I've never been that person I'm going to the gym consistently gap probably 45 times that we for the last year and a half I don't tell anybody about it and -- faced with Ivan and on the radio now but I don't think not to tell the world I had to check in though I headed penalties but yesterday when you first are going absolutely yeah you have to be so great that both Obama keeps you accountable and now Steve littlest thing they're gonna keep you accountable please do radio given the must have chatted to Graham Twitter status snaps at radio Gibbons is tell me -- Go to the gym today and go or go to that he would go again and you know I can't I can't today. You are excuses for a reason Alley it breaks it Ellie weekday mornings and always on demanded and won three setting kiss FM dot com.