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"Cash Me Ousside" Girl VS. The Kardashians

Danielle Bregoli, "Cash Me Ousside" Girl has waged war on The Kardashians over the weekend. She was at LAX when asked about The Kardashians see what she has to say! Video of 'Cash Me Ousside' Girl DISSING The Kardashians , Danielle Bregoli
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LOOK: Crime Scene Photos Released In Kim Kardashian's Paris Robbery

Maybe you're like me and have kinda doubted the validity of Kim Kardashian's robbery in Paris back in October. Well.....crime scene photos have now been released and I have to be honest..I totally think it actually happened now and feel terrible for having ever doubted it. CHECK OUT THE PICS !
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What EPIC Grub Is Returning To McDonald's?!

I love love looooooove me some Mickey D's! This is my favorite time of the year because the Shamrock Shake has returned. And now there's a whole NEW reason to get excited, y'all! Iiiiiiiiit's baaaaaaaaaaaaaack!!!! What is IT, you ask? Get the details HERE !
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LOOK: Spicer-ize Your Name With The Sean Spicer Name Generator

White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer is the gift that keeps on giving. His press conferences have been hilariously parodied on Saturday Night Live by Melissa McCarthy on a near-weekly basis and the dude has a habit of misprouncing people's names. Of course, the internet has taken this and run...
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