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Your Biggest Pet Peeve At Work Is...

The social networking site LinkedIn surveyed members around the world to find out their biggest pet peeves at work.

And, worldwide, the thing that office workers hate more than anything else is . . . when coworkers don't take ownership for their actions.

The next four biggest pet peeves are:  People who complain all the time, dirty common areas, meetings that start late or run long, and people who don't respond to email.

There were big differences by country.  Like the nation of deliciously chubby people that we are, two in three Americans complained about people stealing their food from the office fridge.  That was about 13% higher than the rest of the world.

One in three people worldwide hate overly revealing clothes in the office.  Twice as many women as men listed revealing clothes as a pet peeve.

Japanese workers were twice as likely as the rest of the world to complain about office pranks.  Employees in India were 23% more annoyed by their coworkers' ringtones than the rest of the planet.

In general, Indian workers were the grumpiest.  Of the 38 behaviors listed, the average Indian worker complained about 19 of them.  Italian workers were the most laid back.  On average, they only listed 15 pet peeves.

(Huffington Post)

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09/30/2011 4:53AM
Your Biggest Pet Peeve At Work Is...
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