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You'd Rather Have This Than A Fun Night Out!

Are you tired?

Well I'm not surprised, according to a new study, 84% of us have had our sleep interrupted by someone's snoring . . . either the person we're sleeping with, or our OWN.   

I don't snore, I grind my teeth, but I have busted my wife snoring!
Women are twice as likely as men to leave the room to get away from their partner's snoring and get some sleep.  No way, I'd just bump or try to roll you over to make you stop.
Two out of three people say that they put up with their partner's snoring instead of giving up the bed.
Three out of four people said that given the choice, they'd rather have a good night's sleep than a fun night out.  
And parents with teenagers are 12% more likely than parents who have young children to choose sleep over going out. 

I will say this, a lot of this has to be true because caffeine is everywhere you look, and I here about more and more people saying they have sleep apnea.


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06/25/2013 6:21AM
You'd Rather Have This Than A Fun Night Out!
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