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You Can Get Insurance For Your Speeding Tickets

Are you a speeder?  Have you gotten some tickets lately?  Maybe you're on the verge of going broke from paying for those tickets.

Then check this out, there's a company called TicketsBite that offers you insurance against your SPEEDING TICKETS.  And other traffic tickets too.  You pay a small monthly premium, and if you get a ticket, they pay it for you.
Their plans start at $8 month for up to $400 a year in ticket coverage.  That plan only covers speeding, illegal U-turns, failure to signal, red light or stop sign violations, and seat belt violations.
Their top plan costs $29 a month.  It gives you up to $1,450-per-year in coverage, and pays tickets for things including texting and driving, parking tickets, and even DUIs.  Of course, those can run more than $1,450 . . . so you would have to cover the difference.
The insurance doesn't cover legal fees or your REAL car insurance . . . which will certainly go up if you get a couple tickets a year.
They also say that if you buy the insurance for a year and don't make any claims, you'll get some percentage of your money back.

This is hilarious to me, would you do this?

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04/10/2013 7:09AM
You Can Get Insurance For Your Speeding Tickets
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