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Kraig Karson's Blog

Kraig's Blog is sponsored in part by your Milwaukee Chevy Dealers and the 2014 Chevy Cruze.


El Nino - Cruzin' in a delicious warm breeze

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Pumpkin Pantalones and Apple Doughnuts

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ahem.. It's Still Summer

Had a great time at Wisconsin State Fair! - and even though it's over.. you can still grab a great deal at WisconsindrivesChevy.com .. They got a sign and drive thing going on right now for The Cruze.
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Wiffle Ball is a real sport- and so is this.....

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from high above Milwaukee.....

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feed your brain

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gawking at takeoffs from Mitchell

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Turnaround Jumper!

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Beautiful Disaster

There's something strangely spectacular about 2 things.

1.The dead silence of the hometown crowd when the visiting team hits a lead-off home run.

2.  Catching somebody in a lie, then watching their once commanding presence free fall into a fizzle of human folly.

I witnessed the 2nd one earlier today. Relieved that it's only an acquaintence and Not a friend.  Here's to you keeping your eyes open.
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