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Wisconsin Feargrounds SCARIER than EVER this year!

Last night, I went to the Wisconsin Feargrounds. Went last fall, it was awesome then, but as for my experience last night, holy crap... I'd say it's 10x scarier than last year! Haunted house #1, Morgan Manor is insane. Almost impossible to see what's just ahead but of course every single goblin and monster can see you! I've been going to haunted houses since I was in middle school so I'm fairly numb to them but last night, they got me good. Many times. Walking down those hallways with the windows for walls where the monsters hide behind in the dark, until all of a sudden they smash up against the window with their bloody faces and startle the CRAP out of you! So good. Not to mention the plants, animals, gargoyles, and other objects which you'll wonder as you pass them... is that a live person, or not?

This is NOT for people who are looking for cute scary, this is the real deal. If you struggle with scary stuff, DON'T DO IT. But, if you enjoy the adrenaline of a good haunt, there is no better choice than the 3 haunted houses at the Wisconsin Feargrounds.

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10/09/2011 9:23AM
Wisconsin Feargrounds SCARIER than EVER this year!
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