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Winner, winner chicken dinner!!!

I did a bowling fundraiser over the weekend and got myself entered into a raffle of course....I WON!!!  I WON H-U-G-E!  I won a street sign from another morning show in Milwaukee!  That's the story not really that much to it...just everyone else got a coffee mug from an insurance company or a water bottle from a cell phone provider and in a ironic twist of fate I got this dang thing...big-prize

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06/01/2009 7:42AM
Winner, winner chicken dinner!!!
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06/01/2009 8:00AM
Eric Lee
I discovered your homepage by coincidence. Very interesting posts and well written. I will put your site on my blogroll. :-)
06/02/2009 8:29AM
cant tell you that
i have now seen you in person, dont takethis to ur head but ur a very sexy person. ur wife is lucky to have you.
06/02/2009 8:28PM
Hello Wes why r there not so many people saying anything about you????? I have only met you once and you r nice, but not what I thought. You talk all this (^*% on the readio, but in person, I would rather meet wsomeone else. I use to think that Crazy Neighbor Hank was on the pay role at Kiss FM.....
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