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Who's a bigger "girl" you or your man?

Rahny took the test and was an even 4 to 4 with his finace' Brit......

8 Signs Your Boyfriend is A Bigger Girl Then You

His WALL OF SHOES is bigger
Guys don’t need $3,000 Alexander McQueen’s. If he’s got more options to match with his belt on a Friday night than you do, he might be the girl. And ask yourself: does he have a bitch stepmother and two bratty step sisters, too? Call him Cindy for short.

Thinks the world revolves around him
There’s neurotic and then there’s NEUROTIC! If he’s so starved for attention that everything from who pays for dinner to global warming comes back to being some way revolved around his monthly cycle, then he’s the girl. Yeah, hate me. We’re using stereotypes today, folks. If we can’t go too far then we can’t go at all.

"Mirror, mirror, on the wall..."
He spends more time than you do getting ready to go out. I mean come on, an hour in front of the mirror? It can’t take that long to give yourself the “rolled out of bed’ look!

He doesn't know how to say "No"
If he can’t stand up for himself, I would double-check what’s between his legs. And what’s holding up his back.

Has a bigger crush on Robert Pattinson than you do!
If he’s a bigger Twilight fan than your sixteen year-old cousin, Katie? Yes, he’s the girl.

Goes to a bar and orders cranberry juice
“What is it, your period?

Fear of grooming
If he’s scared of an eyebrow wax or having his toe nails filed…well, that just makes him a big ol’ pussy, don’t it? Suck it up, brutha!

He thinks there is nothing wrong with watching chick TV shows

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05/10/2012 8:21AM
Who's a bigger "girl" you or your man?
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