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Who's Brett Favre Really Trying To Throw Passes To?

Brett Favre allegedly threw a few Hail Mary passes to a (smoking hott) sideline reporter for the Jets when he was playing for the team, sending her a slew of steamy propositions and lewd photos, according to a sports-news Web site.

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10/08/2010 4:46AM
Who's Brett Favre Really Trying To Throw Passes To?
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10/08/2010 2:20PM
OMMFG!!!!! Dude his wife is sick and I understand that, but she has to give him credit for his choice in women. That's bad I know but Holy Kokusai she's beyond smoking. I'll proudly wear the DB badge for this comment.
10/15/2010 5:48AM
Who cares just because he is famous does not mean he is not human. So what he is married and he saw a beautiful women and reacted. Don't fault Brett, fault his wife. Maybe she should make sure her man do not want to go anywhere else. I don't like Brett and still can not say I like what he did maybe he has his reasons.How's the home away from the camera? How's the sex life? Who knows, yet I am a woman and I still thinks Holy is hot.
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