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Which One Are You This Halloween?

Happy Halloween!   I'd love to talk about all the awesome candy right now, but right now it's about what you're wearing, and how you act.

If you're hitting up a costume party this weekend, you're almost guaranteed to see at least one person dressed as a sexy witch . . . or a sexy something . . . or a sexy ANYTHING.
But that's definitely not the ONLY type of person you'll meet.  Here are six people you see at pretty much every Halloween party.  Which one is you?  I'll tell you which one the KISS DJ's are...
#1.)  The Person Who Claims They're Wearing a Costume, Even Though They're Not. 

They'll be in normal clothes, but when you ask why they didn't dress up, they'll say they DID.
Then they'll claim they're dressed as something that doesn't REQUIRE a costume . . . like a teacher.  This is Kraig Karson our afternoon DJ.
#2.)  The Person with a Costume That Severely Restricts Them from Moving Around. 

It might be something like a mermaid tail, so they can't walk right.  Or it might be a costume that's so huge and ridiculous, they can't fit through a doorway.  

I always wonder how these people got to the party?  I'm thinking this is Michele McKnight our Night DJ.
#3.)  The Person Who Obviously Hates Halloween. 

If they're dressed up at all, it'll either be a cheap costume, or the same costume they wore last year.  And they'll probably be sitting in a corner looking miserable.  

This is the closest fit for me, I wouldn't say I hate it because I love candy, but I think dressing up as an adult man is a little questionable.
#4.)  The Guy Dressed in Drag. 

For whatever reason, some guys LOVE dressing as women on Halloween.  And they always act like it's the funniest costume anyone's ever seen.  This is Wes!
#5.)  The Person Who Handmade Every Single Thing They're Wearing. 

They'll also be way too proud.  And at least once, you'll overhear them bragging about how much time they wasted on it.  This is Alley!
#6.)  The Person Who Approaches Halloween Like a Method Actor. 

If they're dressed as, say, Marilyn Monroe, then they'll ACT like Marilyn Monroe ALL NIGHT . . . to the point where you won't even want to talk to them, because it's too annoying.  This is our mid-day DJ Leigh McNabb!

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10/25/2012 7:54AM
Which One Are You At The Halloween Party?
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