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What would you have done?

Kleptomaniacs are probably my least favorite specimens on the planet, especially when it's me, my friends, or family who are being stolen from. Yesterday I went with my friend Monica to Chicago and we had to park in a hurry. Without knowing until it was too late the parking garage we selected was valet parking only. Oh well, fine, we thought. Monica left her yogurt parfait which she was saving for later in the front seat's cup holder. A little over an hour later, we returned, paid the valet, etc, and started to head out, but then I slammed the breaks just before we got out of the garage and noted that the yogurt parfait was gone. Okay, it's a yogurt parfait, I know, but they were already ripping us off by charging $30 to park for less than two hours, did they really have to eat Monica's lunch too? I got out of the car, found the guy who parked our car and inquired as to the whereabouts of the yogurt. He concocted a story about throwing it out because it spilled while he was parking the car. I didn't believe him because there was no evidence of granola or yogurt spillage anywhere in the car. But then he offered to pay for it so I let it go and we went on our way.

At the very least, I think it's a crazy story. If it was money, we probably would have made a bigger fuss. I should have asked him to show me the trash where he threw it out and inspected it to see if the plastic spoon was still there and if it had been eaten off of. Too bad I didn't think of that before we bailed. You might be thinking I sound like an insane person but come on, it's frustrating when people steal from you, no matter the value of the stolen item, agreed? What would you have done?

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11/30/2010 2:29AM
What would you have done?
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12/01/2010 11:29AM
We should have caught him red-handed
12/02/2010 2:27AM
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