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Wes McKane's Blog

What do you consider a friend???

I am FINALLY above average on something!!!!  I've got the results here of a major survey on adult friendships. By that I mean friendships in adult life here are the highlights . . .

#1.) The average adult has FIVE close friends.

#2.) But . . . we have an average of 50 to 100 Facebook friends, and at least 50 numbers of friends in our phone. Still . . . just FIVE close friends.

#3.) About one in eight men and one in six women say there's at least one person in their friend group they HATE.

#4.) Women are more likely to still have a best friend from when they were in school. 34% of women say they have a lifelong best friend they met as a kid, versus 16% of men.

#5.) 33% of women now have a real friendship with someone from their childhood they reconnected with on Facebook. Only 5% of men have done that.

#6.) We make about two out of five of our friends at work.

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08/22/2012 7:02AM
What do you consider a friend???
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08/25/2012 8:30PM
Someone with whom you've shared a pound of salt
Old Lithuanian saying...implying you've known them for a while. I put this on Ally's blog too, but I want to give a shout out to a book that reminds me of your morning show...and 2 guys develop a friendship very begrudgingly in the book...one old guy who died but no doctor can be bothered to sign his death certificate and a neurotic younger guy who is being resuscitated, stuck outside his body, and the only person he can talk to is the ghost in the ER...hilarity ensues but also conversations about life. Its Room Four by AJ Knauss, dude writes awesome funny dialogue. Thanks for a great morning show!
09/08/2012 7:52PM
a friend has your back!
We listen at work and share good and bad in the ER. I can have the worst day and my friends will crack me up...and the worst day in the ER is not cool. (We're not supposed to look at blogs at work, haha, keep it on the dl). But anyways we are passing around the Knauss book, it is like the love child of Nurse Jackie and Walter Matthau on an episode of Six Feet UNder, and Knauss is a chick, not a dude. Room Four is my memoirs. Love you guys (an ER nurse alwyas has your back) :)
11/01/2012 8:29PM
A friend keeps it real
Er nurses of Milwaukee unite. I heard this book was on your blog. Too funny. "Room Four" is the truth, reads like a day in the life. THanks for a great show. Hope we never see you in the ER!
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