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The Reasons We Hate Our Neighbors

Do you like you neighbors?

I'm not a fan of all of mine, and that's cool, because new research shows that they don't like me either!
According to a new survey, 60% of people say they don't get along with at least one of their neighbors.  30% have problems with at least two of them. 

Here's a list of the top 10 reasons WHY people have beef with their neighbors . . .
1.  They block your driveway.
2.  They park in your spot.
3.  Their dog barks all day.
4.  Their garden or lawn is a mess.
5.  You can hear them swearing outside.
6.  They're always fighting.
7.  They have too many late night parties.
8.  Their pets do their business on your lawn.
9.  Their children are always screaming outside.
10.  You can't be bothered to get to know them. 
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The Dumb Things Couples Argue About

Do you ever find yourself in the middle of a huge argument, and you're SO FURIOUS you start thinking about how much a divorce lawyer costs . . . when it occurs to you the whole thing started over forgetting to buy eggs?
According to a new survey, the average couple gets into at least FOUR fights every week over completely insignificant and trivial stuff.
Here are the top five stupid things couples argue about . . .
1.  Emptying the dishwasher.
2.  Cell phone bills.
3.  What to watch on TV.
4.  Staying out late without telling the other person where you are.
5.  Laundry. 

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A Big Change With KFC

When was the last time you ate at KFC?

Okay, I guess I'm the only one that can say recently!

Well KFC is about to change it up and jump into the UPSCALE RESTAURANT business.
They've announced a new restaurant called "KFC Eleven," and they're going to open it next month near their headquarters in Louisville, Kentucky.
The "eleven" is a reference to the 11 herbs and spices . . . even though you WON'T be able to get their regular fried chicken.  It'll only serve flatbreads with toppings, rice bowls, salads, and boneless chicken.
Also, the restaurant WON'T feature Colonel Sanders in its logo.
KFC is opening the new restaurant to compete with chains like Chipotle and Panera, which charge a little more than fast food restaurants but also have a reputation for serving better, higher quality food.
If the first KFC Eleven does well, they plan on opening at least one more location within a year. 

What do you think?  Is it a good idea?  Would you go?  

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The Reason Mosquitos Bite Some People More Than Others

Are you like me and you feel like Musquitos bite you more than everybody else?

Well every summer I just get bit up, and I always wonder why!

Dr. Phil Koehler with the University of Florida says your metabolism and your unique body chemistry play important roles in determining whether or not mosquitos are more attracted to you.

Koehler says, "Also, there's evidence that your degree of attractiveness to mosquitos can change over time."

Koehler says that previous research has shown mosquitos prefer blood type O, are 500-times more active during a full moon, are highly attracted to the smell of dirty feet, and often bite people who just drank a beer or are pregnant more often than a sober or not pregnant person.

Why do you think we get bit more than others?

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The Brands With The Highest Buzz

What restaurant have you enjoyed the most so far this year?

Well something called the YouGov BrandIndex Rankings has revealed which brands got the best public "buzz scores" between January and June of 2013.

The Buzz scored range from -100 to 100 and reflect how people surveyed answered questions about what they've heard about brands in the "last two weeks" and if what they heard was positive or not.

The casual dining restaurants with the highest Buzz scores were: Olive Garden, Red Lobster, and Applebees.

I totally understand OG and Red Lobster, but Applebees surprises me.

The beverages and snacks with the highest buzz scores were V8, Coca-Cola, and Ocean Spray.

What about you, what brands would you give the highest buzz scores too?

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Men Are Only Willing To Do This For 26 Minutes!

Do you like shopping?

What's the store you shop at most?

For me the answer are yes, and I probably spend the most $ each year at Target... even though I'm only intending to pick up a few items, you know how it goes.

According to a new survey, the thing men hate doing with their wife or girlfriend most of all is . . . SHOPPING! 

But ladies, you have a window.  Because even though they hate it, men are willing to put up with it for 26 minutes.  After that, they get bored, and they're ready for shopping to be DONE.    
That's a problem, because the average woman says shopping only gets boring for her after TWO HOURS.  

I find that we'll put up with more if it's a store for both genders, but when it's a store like Michael's I get really bored!
Half of all men said that they try to avoid shopping with their woman whenever possible . . . and one in four guys have LEFT her at the mall and driven home after they couldn't take it anymore.   
Half of men wander around the store after they get bored . . . one in three guys go outside to wait . . . and one in five kill time by CHECKING OUT OTHER WOMEN in the store.   

The 2 things I would do if I had a store is have a highly visible area or areas with TV's for the guys to sit and wait (there'd be food & drinks for sale if possible) also I'd make sure there was more seating near dressing rooms!

What about you, what would you do?

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The Reason You're Costing Us Billions!

Have you gone into work hungover lately?  

My money is on YES considering the fact that we just had Summerfest!

According to a new study, every drink you have this week costs your company $1.37 because you're doing less work when you're HUNGOVER the next day.  
And getting drunk costs our economy about $220 BILLION a year, about $1.90 per drink. 

Here's the breakdown of costs:  
1.  72% of the cost is from the decreased productivity of people who show up for work with a HANGOVER.  That's about $158 BILLION . . . or $1.37 per drink.
2.  11% . . . or 21 cents a drink . . . is from healthcare costs for alcohol-related health problems.
3.  9% . . . or 17 cents a drink . . . is from alcohol-related crime.
4.  6% . . . 11 cents a drink . . . is from accidents related to drunk-driving. 

The thing is, I can't beat you up for this, because I'd rather you came in hungover than called in sick everytime!

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The Fast Food Items With The Most Calories

Are you a fast food eater?

Me too!  Maybe like me you eat items without knowing how many calories are in them.

According to the "Wall Street Journal", here are the menu items with the most calories at 10 of the biggest fast-food chains:
1.  20 CHICKEN RINGS from White Castle have 1,760 calories.  That's 85% of a woman's recommended daily allowance . . . and takes three hours of high-impact aerobics to burn off.   
2.  A Burger King BREAKFAST PLATTER has 1,450 calories, and takes two hours of basketball to burn off.     
3.  A McDonald's BIG BREAKFAST has 1,350 calories.  That takes four hours of cycling.
4.  A KFC 10-piece bag of CHICKEN BITES has 1,300 calories.  That would take five hours of dancing.
5.  The Wendy's three-quarter-pound DAVE'S HOT 'N' JUICY burger has 1,120 calories.  That's four hours of bowling.
6.  A STEAK and WHITE CHEDDER on baguette from Panera Bread has 980 calories.  That takes two hours of low-impact aerobics to burn off. 
7.  Taco Bell's VOLCANIC NACHOS has 970 calories.  That's an hour of tae kwon do.     
8.  A Dunkin' Donuts frozen MOCHA COFFEE COOLATTA with cream has 730 calories.  An hour of tennis will burn that off.
9.  The Subway MEGA MELT on FLATBREAD with egg has 660 calories.  You'll need to rollerblade for an hour.  (And then tell your parents you're gay.  HI-YO!)
10.  And a SLICE of Pizza Hut's 14-inch LARGE MEAT LOVER'S PAN PIZZA has 470 calories.  That's an hour's worth of weight training.

That's some depressing stuff, that being said... are we really going to stop eating out?  I think not, happy eating!

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Wearing This Item Makes You More Attractive!

What's your fashion turn on?

A new study found when men wear a plain white t-shirt, women rate them instantly 12% MORE ATTRACTIVE than when they're wearing anything else.  Who knew?
And the more out-of-shape you are, the better the results, which is even more shocking!

If you're in good shape already, the white t-shirt will only help a little . . . but if you're not, the white t-shirt is going to work MAGIC.
The plain white t-shirt made men look like they had broader shoulders and smaller waists.
The study also found the LEAST attractive thing you can wear is something that draws attention to your stomach . . . even if you're in good shape.
When men wore a t-shirt with a capital letter "T" on it, women found them attractive.  But when that "T" was flipped upside-down . . . so the long part was across the stomach and not the chest . . . women found the guys MUCH less attractive.

So I guess stop wasting your money on other clothes and buy a plain white t today!

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You'd Rather Have This Than A Fun Night Out!

Are you tired?

Well I'm not surprised, according to a new study, 84% of us have had our sleep interrupted by someone's snoring . . . either the person we're sleeping with, or our OWN.   

I don't snore, I grind my teeth, but I have busted my wife snoring!
Women are twice as likely as men to leave the room to get away from their partner's snoring and get some sleep.  No way, I'd just bump or try to roll you over to make you stop.
Two out of three people say that they put up with their partner's snoring instead of giving up the bed.
Three out of four people said that given the choice, they'd rather have a good night's sleep than a fun night out.  
And parents with teenagers are 12% more likely than parents who have young children to choose sleep over going out. 

I will say this, a lot of this has to be true because caffeine is everywhere you look, and I here about more and more people saying they have sleep apnea.


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