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Posts from June 2014

If you were the opposite sex for one day...
Ed Schipul via Flickr

  If you could switch GENDERS for one day, what would you do?  Everyone's thought about it . . . just to see what it's really like.  And obviously you'd start off by fondling your new genitalia.  But what about AFTER that?



Here are the five best ideas we've heard, if people could switch genders for one day . . .



1.  "During my day as a woman, I'd pick up a guy in a bar, have sex with him, and look forward to seeing the shock on his face when he woke up the next morning next to my original form."



2.  "I'd rob a bank, because everyone would be looking for a woman . . . but I'd be a dude with millions."



3.  "I'd go shopping with my mom.  She has four sons and no daughters."



4.  "Considering my luck, my day as a woman would probably be spent menstruating and feeling sad."



 5.  "During my day as a man I would go to a sperm bank.  Then once I was female again, I would impregnate myself."   


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VIRAL VIDEOS: Girl Fakes her period,
She faked her period, and her mom got her back.  Ha!


Jimmy Fallon took comedian / actor Kevin Hart on a roller coaster...he is TERRIFIED of roller coasters...


OK GO released a new video that's visually pretty badass...the song, is meh...but the video is sweet!

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These Things Will TOTALLY Ruin The Mood

What's the one thing in your place that totally kills the mood if you're about to GET IT ON?  According to a new survey, here are the ten biggest turn-offs.



1.  Bad smells.  Which could include feet, passing gas, or just neglecting to take the trash out.


2.  A dirty kitchen.  Even if you're not getting BUSY in the kitchen.


3.  A picture of your ex.  Which is weird, because it's something most people don't just have lying around their HOUSE.  But I guess Facebook also factors in.


4.  A dirty bedroom.


5.  Having a weird collection.  Like Steve Carell in "The 40-Year-Old Virgin", who had old action figures all over his apartment.  Or if you're a woman, having a bunch of stuffed animals.


6.  Empty beer bottles, or anything that suggests you were partying and didn't bother to clean up.


7.  Too much sports memorabilia.


8.  Dust.  Which is something only WOMEN care about.  (Has a guy ever turned down sex because of DUST?)


9.  Anything that reminds you of your kids, or THEIR kids.  Like toys lying around.


10.  Anything that takes up space and makes it feel claustrophobic. 



(Female First)

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VIRAL VIDEOS: NBA Mean Tweets, Baby Got Back - Brian Williams Version
Viral videos buzzing around today...

Both Jimmy's last night had some outstanding stuff.  Fallon had Brian Williams rapping "Baby Got Back"


And Jimmy Kimmel had NBA Mean Tweets #2.  If you haven't seen these before, they are quite high-larry-us.


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VIRAL VIDEOS: Chicken is a Jerk, The Knocking Cat...
Here are a few videos buzzing on the internet today...

Jerk chicken? Yes. This chicken is a jerk.  Or is it a rooster?  Whatever.  


I hate cats, but this one is pretty cool I guess.  Unless he did this all the time, then it could get annoying and I would consider mailing him to another family. 


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VIRAL VIDEOS: Interview with a Guinea Pig,
An interview with a guinea pig. So damn cute. 


More proof that cats are jerks:  This deer wants to be friends, and the cat is a total jerk face:


Seems like everyone is watching the World Cup - even these guys: 

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What Do Women Regret About Their Wedding?
Kelly Sue Deconnick via Flickr

Women get SUPER stressed about planning the perfect wedding.  And once it's over, apparently they wish they'd been even MORE obsessed about it.



In a new survey, 82% of married women said they'd change at least one thing about their wedding if they could.  And the thing they'd MOST like to change is . . . the best man's TOAST.  Here are the top ten things they'd change.



1.  The best man's speech. 52% wish they could go back and rewrite it for him.


2.  Their hair and make-up, 38%.


3.  The amount of money they spent, 34%.  But not because they spent too much . . . because they wish they'd spent MORE.


4.  The weather, 33%.


5.  Their wedding dress, 32%.


6.  Where they went on their honeymoon, 31%.


7.  Their wedding photographer, 30%.


8.  Their engagement ring, 24%.


9.  Their bridesmaids.  21% would replace at least one of them.


10.  The bouquet.  17% now think the one they chose was ugly. 



(Daily Mail)

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VIRAL VIDEOS: Dads, Motorcycles, and Celine Dion Vegas Airports
Stuck in an airport with an iPhone and a Celine Dion CD, what do you do?  Make lemonade, that's what you do.  


Car angers bikers. Bikers chase car out of anger. Car wins this battle.  Check the video:


One here for the Dads.  This will give you warm and fuzzies even if you don't like kids..  

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How much money makes you FEEL rich?
Photo Via Flickr 401(K)2012

CNN asked people how much money they'd need to make in a year to feel RICH . . . and how much they'd need to be HAPPY.  And no, those are NOT the same thing.


How much would you have to make this year to feel rich?  The most popular answer was between $100,000 and $200,000, with 23% of the vote.  Only 11% of people said they'd need to make $1 million or more.


4% of people say they'd feel rich making between $1 and $30,000 . . . and 4% would feel rich making between $30,000 and $50,000.  So, wealth is clearly relative.


Now . . . how much would you need to make this year to feel happy?  The most popular answer was between $100,000 and $200,000 again . . . but the rest of the numbers skewed lower.


Almost three out of five people gave an answer between $50,000 and $200,000 . . . and another one in five gave an answer under $50,000.


Only 2% of people would need to make $1 million this year to be happy . . . and 6% of people who LOVE CLICHÉS said money can't buy happiness. 



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VIRAL PIC: Aaron Rodgers / Olivia Munn smoochie smooch
49th Annual Academy Of Country Music Awards - Show
Getty Images
The picture circling around the web today of Aaron Rodgers smooching with Olivia Munn.  You can see the original picture HERE, or just enjoy the recreation done by Wes and Riggs.  #Awkward #Disturbing 

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Embarassing Stuff Your Dad Does
Neil Rickards via Flickr

This Sunday is Father's Day.  And the one thing all dads have in common is their uncanny ability to EMBARRASS their kids.



In fact, according to a new study, teenagers stay an average of 22 FEET away from their dad when they're in public, because they're afraid their friends might see them.  Here are the five things dads do that embarrass kids the most.



1.  Dancing in public.


2.  Singing in public.


3.  Dressing like a dad.


4.  Telling bad jokes.


5.  Trying to be cool by using young-person slang.



The survey also asked what kids APPRECIATE most about their dad.  Number one is driving them places, followed by giving them money . . . knowing how to fix things . . . being more easygoing than Mom . . . and their willingness to eat in front of the TV.



(Daily Mail)

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Top Things That RUIN Our Vacation
thephotographymuse via Flickr
We've got a list of the top 10 things that can ruin a vacation. But it's more like the 10 most COMMON things that can ruin a vacation. Because it doesn't include stuff like getting kidnapped and needing LIAM NEESON to rescue you. Here are the top 10 most common things that can ruin a vacation . . .

1. Bad service or unfriendly staff.
2. Uncomfortable beds.
3. Everything's too expensive when you get there.
4. Bad food.
5. Noisy people.
6. Expensive or bad WiFi.
7. A small bathroom.
8. The weather.
9. When the place you go doesn't look like the photos.
10. Extremely early or late flight times.

(PR Newswire)
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VIRAL VIDEOS OF THE DAY: 50 Shades Trailer, The Human Drum Set, and a baby goat.
50 Shades of Grey?  This is supposedly the teaser for the movie that comes out in 2015...


This Dad makes his son the ultimate human drum set...


And a baby goat.  Squeeeeeeee!!

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How do you feel about weddings? Survey says...
Nick McPhee via Flickr

The people at Harris Interactive just released the results of a new poll on Americans' feelings toward weddings . . . and it proves one main thing:  No matter WHAT you do for your wedding, a bunch of people are going to hate it.



Here are five of the best stats from the survey . . .



1.  6% of people have skipped a wedding to avoid DRAMA . . . 3% have skipped one because they didn't APPROVE of who their friend or family member was marrying . . . and 1% have skipped one to avoid running into an ex.



2.  84% of people are still cool with the tradition of the bride's father "giving her away" . . . but 16% of people don't like it.



3.  We're pretty split on whether brides should wear white . . . since, you know, barely anyone gets married as a virgin anymore.  54% of people say the bride should wear white . . . 46% say it doesn't matter.



4.  88% of people think destination weddings are RUDE because they put too much of a financial burden on guests.



5.  And 71% of people think if it's one person's second wedding . . . or third, fourth, or fifth wedding . . . the wedding should be more subdued. 



(Harris Interactive)

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VIRAL VIDEOS OF THE DAY: Mariachi Shenanigans, Truck vs. Train, and More...
A Santa Barbara, CA high school senior class hired a mariachi band to follow around their principal.

Senior Prank Level: Expert.


A watermelon truck is hit by a train, sadly - you cannot see the hilarity that probably was a whole mess of watermelon.  Gallagher would have been impressed. 


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2/3 of people pee here! Ewww!!!
Bob via Flickr

Next time you go swimming at the beach, just know that you're swimming in a SEA of PEE.  Although maybe if you get stung by a jellyfish that means you'll be instantly cured?



Almost two-thirds of people admit they pee in the water at the beach, according to a new survey.



62% of people have peed in the water . . . and 48% do it all the time.



One of the main reasons is . . . we all think the bathrooms at the beach are DISGUSTING.



The majority of people say there are NO bathrooms grosser than beach bathrooms . . . they beat out planes, the gym, and movie theater bathrooms. 





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What Does Dad REALLY Want For Father's Day?
Petras Gagilas via Flickr

You always hear how the best gift for Mother's Day or Father's Day is just spending TIME with them.  But if that's like HELL ON EARTH for you, apparently you can get away with buying your dad a GIFT CARD this year.



According to a new survey, gift cards and spending quality time together TIED for the thing dads want most.  Each one got 17% of the vote.



The survey also found that 10% of us think spending time with Dad on Father's Day means we don't need to buy him anything.  That's compared to 6% for Mother's Day.



11% of people say they've completely FORGOTTEN about Father's Day at least once . . . which actually sounds low.  And 20% think it's fine to just send Dad a TEXT.



But when we do buy something, at least we spend ALMOST as much as we spend on Mom.  According to the survey, the average Father's Day gift costs $61, compared to $68 for the average Mother's Day present.



(PR Newswire)

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VIRAL VIDEOS OF THE DAY: Miley Instagramigans, Casey Kasem Wife Meat Toss, and m
Those Miley Cyrus Instagram videos I played the sound of can be found by CLICKING HERE.  She crazy.


A video of Casey Kasem's wife throwing meat at his daughter showed up yesterday.  It's really funny.  She pronounces some kind of Biblical curse when she does it.  (It's not a curse that actually comes from the Bible . . . it's just something she made up to sound Biblical.)


And this guy playing Michael Jackson's "BIllie Jean" on BEER BOTTLES!


Here's the behind the scenes video of the Plus Sized swimsuit shoot we were talking about earlier.  

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Top Ways We're Livin On The Edge
Nagesh Jayaraman via Flickr

In a new survey, three out of four people say their lives are pretty BORING.  And based on this list of the ways people try to spice things up . . . their lives are going to STAY boring.



The survey asked people what they do to LIVE ON THE EDGE . . . and these are 10 of the most popular answers . . .



1.  Booking a trip before you have the money to pay for it.


2.  Driving with the gas light on.


3.  Driving through a red light or, at least, a yellow light.


4.  Crossing the street when "Don't Walk" is flashing.


5.  Having a drink at lunch.


6.  Not closing the blinds before you change clothes.


7.  Not paying bills on time.


8.  Eating dessert for breakfast.


9.  Eating something after its expiration date.


10.  Going to a restaurant without a reservation. 



The survey also came up with things people want to TRY to spice up their life.  But they're just as lame.  Here are 10 of the top suggestions . . .



1.  Cutting out of work a half hour early.


2.  Undoing your seatbelt before a plane stops.


3.  Going out without an umbrella when it looks like it might rain.


4.  Using the phone while you drive.


5.  Drinking coffee right before you try to go to sleep.


6.  Ordering something different than usual for lunch.


7.  Not killing a spider you see in your bedroom.


8.  Leaving your house without your phone.


9.  Going outside with wet hair.


10.  Using someone else's mug. 



(Daily Mail)

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