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10. Burger King: 4,689,909 Current Likes (+356%) At last count, having it your way has garnered Burger King at least 4,689,909 'likes' on Facebook.

9. Chick-fil-A: 4,976,154 Current Likes (+27%) Despite the flurry of controversy that Chick-fil-A has faced over the past year, they still managed to pull in a whopping 4,976,154 likes on Facebook at last count.

8. Domino's Pizza: 5,946,771 Current Likes (+148%) It's a significant jump up from Chick-fil-A to Domino's when it comes to likes on Facebook - 5,946,771 people like this pizza chain.

7. Dunkin' Donuts: 6,041,776 Current Likes - The second coffee-based chain to land on this list, Dunkin' Donuts has 6,041,776 likes on Facebook.

6. Buffalo Wild Wings: 6,925,386 Current Likes (+52%) Buffalo Wild Wings comes in at number six on this list with 6,925,386 likes on Facebook.

5. Pizza Hut: 7,068,482 Current Likes (+119%) At last count, Pizza Hut scored 7,068,482 likes on Facebook, putting it at number five on this list of the most popular chains.

4. Taco Bell: 8,420,419 Current Likes (+36%) Taco Bell comes in fourth with 8,420,419 likes on Facebook, nearly 20 million less likes than the top-ranking chain on this list.

3. Subway: 11,626,974 Current Likes (+186%) As noted before, Subway has more locations than any other fast-food chain in the world - even McDonald's. But on this list, the 11,626,974 likes it has on Facebook puts it two spots back from Starbucks and just behind McDonald's.

2. McDonald's: 18,155,580 Current Likes (+132%) McDonald's is holding it down at number two with 18,155,580 likes on Facebook.

1. Starbucks: 29,299,522 Current Likes (+36%) Starbucks is the clear winner on this list with 29,299,522 likes on Facebook.

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Wanna shop???
Stores put their sale stuff at the back, so you have to walk past ALL the nice, new, full-priced clothes to get there. Are you able to resist and keep plowing toward the cheap stuff? About two out of five people say YES.

--A new survey by the website CouponCabin.com found that 41% of adults in the U.S. say they NEVER buy any clothes unless they're on sale.

--The survey also found 10% of people search online for coupons before they go to a store . . . and use those coupons to determine what they'll buy.

--7% of people actually go to the store, find what they want, then search for a coupon . . . and only buy it if they can find one.

--60% of people say they spend under $50 a month on clothes for themselves and everyone in their household. 20% spend more than $100.
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Dating turn offs
You don't really hear people obsess over DANDRUFF anymore . . . it feels very 1988 . . . but apparently it's still RUINING LIVES all over the place.

--According to a new survey, believe it or not, men ranked DANDRUFF as THE biggest turn-off on a date. Here's the top five . . .

#1.) Dandruff

#2.) Too much perfume

#3.) Texting

#4.) Taking cell phone calls

#5.) Talking about ex-boyfriends

--The survey asked men more details about dandruff, and found that 30% would rather not have relations for a week than tell a woman she has dandruff.

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How does your man think....
We've got the results from a survey on five hypothetical questions for men, and they REALLY give you an insight into the average male brain. Check 'em out . . .

#1.) Would you rather have a one-night stand with RIHANNA . . . or a threesome with two women you know? The more popular answer was . . . a threesome with normal girls over sex with a celebrity. 61% went with a threesome, 39% went with the celebrity.

#2.) Would you rather be as smart as BILL GATES or as "sexy" as RYAN REYNOLDS? Bill Gates's brains made him money which, as we all know, instantly makes you way sexier. Gates won, 62% to 38%.

#3.) Would you rather be bald or look like DONALD TRUMP? Men don't want to be bald . . . but it's better than looking like a clown. Baldness won big, 74% to 26%.

#4.) Would you rather lose a limb or a testicle? 73% would rather lose one of their testes, 27% would rather lose a limb. Think about it: You don't need both testicles. You NEED both limbs.

#5.) Would you rather marry a woman 20 years older than you, or 20 pounds heavier than you? This was the closest one of all. 51% went with a woman 20 years older, 49% went with a woman 20 pounds heavier.
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By the gallon...
Until yesterday, the price of gas had gone up for 27 days in a row . . . the average price in the U.S. is $3.76 a gallon. But if we bought OTHER liquids by the gallon, they'd be WAY more expensive.
--This won't make you feel any better, but here are five liquids that make gas look cheap:
#1.) Printer toner: Toner for printer cartridges would go for $800 a gallon.
#2.) Robitussin: Eight ounces of cough syrup are $6.50, which is $103.68 a gallon.
#3.) Red Bull: At around two bucks for an 8.4 ounce can, it's $31.84 a gallon.
#4.) Fiji Water: A 15-ounce bottle is about two bucks, which is $17.38 per gallon.
#5.) Bud Light: By the keg, it's $6.38 a gallon, by the can, $13.30.
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