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Posts from February 2012

Seven Drinks Real Men Don't Order:
If you want to order a manly drink at the bar, the safest bet is always a beer. Not a LIGHT beer, a REAL beer. Either that or something on the rocks. But AskMen.com has a list of the top drinks men should NEVER order.
#1.) Anything You Can't Pronounce. That doesn't mean you shouldn't try something new. Just figure out how to pronounce it before you order.
#2.) A Malibu and Diet Coke. As a general rule, they say guys shouldn't drink Malibu rum to begin with. But if they do, they should at least mix it with REGULAR soda.
--If you really want a Malibu and diet, they suggest having your girlfriend order it.
#3.) A Fuzzy Navel. Peach schnapps is lame no matter what it's mixed with. But a fuzzy navel . . . which is just peach schnapps and orange juice . . . is the LAMEST way to drink it.
#4.) Sex on the Beach. It just LOOKS like a girl drink, and according to AskMen, it should only be ordered by sorority girls.
#5.) Any Fruit-Flavored Malt Beverage. That means things like Smirnoff Ice, Mike's Hard Lemonade, and Bacardi Silver. Drinking them at home is one thing, but don't order them at a bar. Ever.
#6.) An Appletini. In fact, they say "real men" don't order anything that ends in "tini . . . unless it's a NORMAL martini. And you should shy away from martini glasses in general.
#7.) A Cosmopolitan. It's what they always drank on "Sex and the City". Nuff said.
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Savin cash!
A survey by CouponCabin found that the average movie ticket cost $7.93 last year. That might not sound like a lot, but it's the highest price ever.
--More than half of people . . . 55% . . . cut down on the number of movies they go to because of the cost, including 61% of people with children.
--Check out some of the other ways people are cutting down on the cost of going to the movies:
--62% go to matinees.
--38% sneak in their own snacks and drinks instead of buying them at the overpriced concession stand.
--32% use coupons to buy tickets or food.
--And 6% of people say they buy one ticket, then sneak into other movies when theirs is over.
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Dating deal breakers!
A survey by CouponCabin.com asked single people what their biggest deal-breakers are on a date. Here are the top five things that will get you dumped.
#1.) Poor hygiene: 84% of people said that body odor, bad teeth or dirty hair would be a deal-breaker.
#2.) Using your cell phone too much: 75%.
#3.) Being rude to a server or hostess: 73%.
#4.) Talking too much about your ex: 70%.
#5.) Flirting with the server or host/hostess: 61%.
Women were more likely than men to consider every bad behavior a deal-breaker, except for a date being too expensive, which one in three men said was a deal-breaker.
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What she REALLY wants.
I'm guessing you haven't bought your girlfriend or wife a Valentine's Day present yet, right? That's okay, it's only February 1st.
--But if you're looking for some direction on what to get her . . . wait. Let me rephrase: Since you're DEFINITELY looking for some direction on what to get her . . . here's a new survey from Sears that found out what women most want on Valentine's Day.
#1.) Jewelry, 29%.
#2.) Flowers and chocolate, 20%.
#3.) Perfume, 9%.
#4.) TIE: A technology product, 8% . . . and LINGERIE, 8%.
#6.) Kitchen or home item, 6%.
#7.) TIE: Shoes, handbag, or other accessory, 5% . . . and a clothing item, 5%.
#9.) Fitness or exercise item, 1%.
--61% of men say they've bought a Valentine's Day gift in the past with no thought behind it, but 80% of women believe they've received a gift with no thought behind it.
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