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Posts from September 2013

I wouldn't give it up no matter what!!!
I just read today that the second thing on the list of "stuff we will never give up...no matter the cost" is our car!  That is #1 on this guys list!!!  But it has to be a nice car!  I love it.  I spend a TON of time in my car.  Love to drive but want to enjoy the ride and be comfortable!  That is why when I got a chance to team up with International MINI and cruise around in different MINIs all the time I was ALL.  OVER.  IT!!!!  These cars are a blast to drive, can fit my whole family and come in anyway shape or form that you want them!  10 million customizable options on the 21 versions of MINI! They are that car that you will have NO problem fillin with gas, changing the oil on and rotating the tires because you roll the miles on it....You will love this car and spare NO expense!  Check it out NOW, Today...DO IT!  www.internationalmini.com or swing by HWY 100 today!
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Have you ever owned a truck????  Everyone and I mean EVERYONE asks you not only to use it to move but for YOU to help them move.  Yet another great reason to own A MINI Cooper.  Nobody will ask you to help them move with that!  AND is sporty and fun to drive!  One catch though....if your friends do ever get a chance to drive it they will love it and want to drive your MINI all of the time!  That can be annoying but then you can drive their nasty car and then when the MINI returns....you can think awwwwwww THIS is what awesome feels like!!!  www.internationalmini.com or just go in for the love...International MINI on HWY 100!
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Go to bed with me??
  The National Sleep Foundation just released the results of a massive study on people's sleep habits.  And if there's ONE thing that's reassuring, it's that you're not the only person who occasionally stinks up your bedroom.
Here are their findings on sleep in the U.S. . . .
The average American sleeps six hours and 31 minutes . . . but functions best after at least seven hours and 13 minutes of sleep.
Only 44% of us get a good night's sleep every night.
The average person uses TWO pillows.  But 14% of people sleep with four or more.
66% of people make their bed every day or ALMOST every day.
61% of people need to AIR OUT their bedroom at least once a week.
31% of us take one or two naps a week, 15% take three to five naps, 5% take six to 10 naps, and 1% of people take MORE than 10 naps a week.  49% of people take no naps.  And the average nap lasts 45 minutes.
21% of us sleep with our pets in the bed . . . that's higher than any other country in the world.
55% of us sleep barefoot and 12% sleep naked. 
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There's a difference between doing something illegal, and something unethical.  Everything here tiptoes that line . . . but stays on the "mostly legal, just unethical" side.
Here are eight somewhat unethical tricks to make your life easier.
1.  When you call a customer service line, choose SPANISH as your language.  Most of those call centers are in the U.S., not India, and the waits are shorter.  Plus most of the reps can also speak English . . . definitely better than someone in India.
2.  If you want breakfast, you can probably wander into any Holiday Inn Express or Hampton Inn in the morning and get it free.  Especially if you REALLY look like you belong there by carrying a newspaper or dressing up.
3.  If you want to buy something from Craigslist, email an offensively lowball offer from a fake email.  Then, a few hours later, send your real offer from your real email.  The person will be much more likely to accept it.
4.  Always throw "rock" in rock-paper-scissors with friends so they know you're a "rock" person.  Then the one time it REALLY matters, throw scissors.  (???)
5.  Buy a cheap ticket to a sporting event or concert.  Then, an hour before it starts, go to StubHub and see which good seats are still unsold.  Then just head to those seats instead of your cheap seats and sit in them.
6.  If you're calling in a fake sick day to work, say your doctor is a "she."  That tiny detail makes it seem SO much more legit.
7.  When you go out, announce, "I'm not drinking tonight."  That's the fastest way to make sure other people will buy you drinks to try to persuade you to start drinking with them.
8.  At the dentist, take a photo of the barcode, name, and address on a magazine in the waiting room.  Now you'll have all the details you'll need to log in to read the online version of that magazine.  It works for most of them. 
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Do you forget a TON of things?!?!
I hope you get some comfort knowing you're not the only person constantly FORGETTING things.  Of course, soon you'll forget I said that.  But until that happens, you can be comforted.
According to a new study, the average person forgets an average of FOUR things every day.  That's 1,460 every year.  Here are the top 10 most common things we forget . . .
1.  Why you went into a room.
2.  Where you put your keys.
3.  Things you wanted to buy at the grocery store.
4.  People's names after you meet them.
5.  Where you put your pen.
6.  Taking meat out to defrost.
7.  To respond to an email.
8.  To mail something.
9.  What you wanted to search for online.
10.  Where you parked your car.
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I don't wanna die!!!!!
 No matter how much people love ELVIS . . . and make no mistake about it, people are still INSANE about Elvis . . . no one wants to die like him.  Assuming, of course, he's not secretly alive in the Cayman Islands or something.
A new survey asked Americans to pick the most embarrassing way to die . . . and the top answer was ON THE TOILET.  Here are the results. . .
37% of people said the most embarrassing way to die is on the toilet.
17% said while HAVING SEX.
13% said eating FAST FOOD.
10% of people said choking on a pretzel.
And 10% said slipping in the bathtub.
The survey also found that only 24% of people say they'd be willing to cryogenically freeze themselves after they die, in the hope of someday being revived in the future. 
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