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Wes McKane's Blog

Posts from July 2013

If you wanna go and take a ride wit me!
I have 2 words for you:  MINI  Cooper!  Listen, my buddy the other day said "really Wes, a MINI"....I was like "Come here...Let's take a look together!"  He also has three kids and didn't think his or my family of five could fit in this...he was instantly proven wrong on point one!  He then brought up it not being all that fast...NOW...IS...WHEN....the real proving wrong came into play.  6 speed manual transmission beats ANYTHING (well in my opinion!) off the line and down the road.  I really think brakes are optional when it comes to my MINI....Corners on rails! 

So ultimately if you ask any guy that is all that really matters...speed...and can everyone fit!?!?  The MINI Cooper proves that it can do both amazingly!  Now ya add how it looks, the 21 varieties of MINI, the MINzillion (yes that is a number) options, the maintenance deal....Is there any question that MINI Cooper needs to be thought of when you are ready for a car....or if you are like me and don't really need a new car but really want one and just go get one!!! 

Check out www.internationalmini.com to see what I am talking about or just drop over unannounced and talk to Joe or any of my guys at International Mini on HWY 100!!!
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Rockin a new ride!
So I haven't driven a MINI Cooper in a couple of years but I recently did....now we all know how cool these cars are but let me tell ya....I DID NOT realize how cool you can make a MINI now!  They have over 10 million customizable options on their 21 versions!  Mine was baller because it was SUPER FAST....may or may not have raced my friends Audi...and when I say raced-BEAT...anyway it's fast, corners amazing and, and, and...my family of five and all of our stuff were very comfortable in it! 

So if you are in the market for something sporty and fun to drive do what I have done and make it a MINI Cooper!  Look at them while you're wasting some time at work at www.internationalmini.com and then get over and talk to Joe or any of the other great guys at International MINI on Hwy 100 ASAP!  Ya heard!
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