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Posts from November 2012

I like to go at it.....VERBALLY! Perv!
So the other day Jojo my co-worker and I were messing with each other and I started to rip on what she was wearing because it was lil frumpy and grandma-ish....She started saying "well you're all Edge Appareled out today because you have to be on TV"  I looked at what I was wearing and she was right EVERY piece of clothing I was wearing was from Edge Apparel....But then I got thinking EVERYTHING I OWN AND WEAR DAILY IS FROM EDGE!  They have the best clothes from all of the best designers...It's the clothes I wear, all of my friends wear and to be honest when I am out and see a guy with good swag HE TOO is wearing clothes that are Edge Apparel!  Get in and see for yourself today.  801 N. Mayfair Rd or look them up online at Edgeapparel.net....Heck you may even get a killa deal because Edge has specials the whole month of December baby!!!!  Time to get YOUR Edge on...don't ya think!?!?!?!
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Let's get in your bed!
The average couple owns a mattress for 10 years. And a new study tried to figure out exactly what happens on that bed over the course of the decade. Here's what the average bed experiences . . .

--48 days of watching TV.

--720 arguments.

--480 sex sessions.

--39 hours on the phone.

--70 days on laptops and phones.

--4,160 kisses.

--240 books read.

--And finally, only two years and eight months of sleep.
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Your man doesn't know you at all!!!
I thought NO WAY.....I know EVERYTHING about my GF....then I read the list....and felt bad.

--A new survey has figured out the top 15 things most men don't know about their wives. Some of these make sense, some don't. But either way, you should really know all of them, and soon. Here's the list.

#1.) Her cell phone number. 54% of men don't know it.

#2.) Her favorite song, 54%.

#3.) Bra size, 39%.

#4.) The specific date you met, 35%.
#5.) Favorite perfume, 34%.

#6.) Where she went to school, 28%.

#7.) Her favorite clothing store, 24%.

#8.) Shoe size, 23%.

#9.) Dress size, 23%.

#10.) Underwear size, 20%.

#11.) Who she considers her best friend, 20%.

#12.) Her allergies, 20%.

#13.) HER BIRTHDAY, 12%. That's about one in eight, by the way.

#14.) Her natural hair color, 11%.

#15.) Her official job title, 10%.

--The survey also found that more than three-quarters of men think their wife would know ALL of those details about them.
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What would you rate her???
I was a lil shocked at how low this was.  If you guys were to rate your women on a scale of one to ten what would you give her?  I said 9 but most guys don't agree.....

According to a survey by the Remington hair-care company, the average man thinks his partner is about a seven out of 10 . . . or 67% perfect.

--NONE of the guys in the survey said that they had a perfect woman . . . and eight in 10 said they didn't think the perfect woman exists. Here are the six reasons why:

#1.) Women don't like watching sports.

#2.) They clean too much.

#3.) They have bad tempers.

#4.) It takes too long for them to get ready.

#5.) They always have to have the last word.

#6.) They try to change things about the guy . . . like his clothes, diet, and friends.
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STOP!!! This may make you break up!!!
It might be a good idea to go solo on your holiday shopping trips this year. Because it's REALLY not a good opportunity for a couples bonding trip.

--According to a new survey, HALF of couples admit they actually HATE shopping together. A quarter of couples have gotten into a fight during a shopping trip where one of them has stormed out of the store.

--And 17% say they've ALMOST BROKEN UP . . . or ACTUALLY broken up . . . over a fight that started during a shopping trip.

--The survey also found the top 10 things couples fight about during shopping trips. Check 'em out . . .
#1.) Is the item "needed"?

#2.) Taking too long to decide.

#3.) How much someone's spending.

#4.) One wants it, one doesn't.

#5.) Visiting a ton of stores, then going back to the first one to buy something.

#6.) What brand to buy.

#7.) How something looks.

#8.) The size of an item.

#9.) The color of an item.

#10.) One person gets BORED.
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When do you know they are Mr. or Mrs. right???
A survey asked men and women how they know when they've met the right person. Not surprisingly, number one for guys was physically compatibility. Women chose emotional security.

--Here are the top five ways men know if they've met the right woman:

#1.) He's attracted to her and thinks they're physically compatible.

#2.) He loves her so much, he doesn't want to be with anyone else.

#3.) She makes him happy and gives him emotional security.

#4.) They have the same goals and priorities . . . like wanting children or not.

#5.) He thinks she'll take care of him.

--And here are the top five ways women know they've met the right guy:

#1.) He makes her happy and gives her emotional security . . . which was THIRD on the guys' list.

#2.) Her friends and family like him for the same reasons she does.

#3.) He makes boring day-to-day things seem interesting.

#4.) They have the same goals and priorities . . . like wanting children or not . . . which was also in fourth place for the men.
#5.) She's attracted to him, and they're physically compatible . . . which was the NUMBER ONE priority for men.
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According to a new survey, the thing that annoys people more than anything else is the self-service checkout line at the supermarket. Here are the five things that annoy people the most: 

#1.) One in three people are annoyed by the self-service checkout line. It's supposed to make things easier . . . but the error message people get if they don't time it right and bag an item too soon makes it frustrating.

#2.) One in four people are most annoyed by bad drivers. 

#3.) 18% . . . or almost one in five . . . get frustrated by telemarketers. 

#4.) 14% complained about junk mail.

#5.) About one in 10 people get annoyed by crashes and other problems with their computer.

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How ya like yo meat?!?!
Burgers are like women to me.....I love them ANYWAY! ....OK that sounded REALLY bad....It is just my favorite food ever!  If I am ever on death row that is my last meal!  .....OK, that sounded bad again!  I will just give ya the stats:

If people can't have a burger made from ground beef, they'd rather have a buffalo burger than a turkey burger. 5% of people like buffalo burgers . . . 4% like turkey. Here are five other facts from the survey:

#1.) 38% of people like their burger medium rare. Medium is the next most-popular. Only 6% like it well-done . . . and 4% like it rare.

#2.) Half of women like veggie burgers, at least occasionally. Only one in three men do.

#3.) 50% of people think that $10 to $15 is the right price to pay for a burger . . . 8% are willing to pay more than $20.

#4.) 82% of people like cheese on their burger. More than half like lettuce . . . tomato . . . grilled onion . . . and bacon.

#5.) The topping people like LEAST is jalapenos . . . followed by raw onions.
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The Seven Unhealthiest Things in Your Fridge:
When you're trying to lose weight, obviously you have to avoid stuff like pizza and fast food. But you also need to cut down on a few things in your fridge that you eat all the TIME.

--Here are the seven unhealthiest things that almost EVERYONE has in their fridge . . . which means you probably have them more often than you should.

#1.) Mayonnaise. Like anything else, a little bit's fine. But if you're like most people, you use way too much.

--For example, if you make a tuna salad and use four tablespoons of mayonnaise, the mayo alone has about 360 calories and 40 grams of fat. That's as much fat as a Double Quarter Pounder with cheese from McDonald's.

#2.) Soda and Other Sugary Drinks. There's no nutritional value in them, just calories. So you might as well be eating CANDY.

--And new research suggests that when you load up on calories from soda, you probably WON'T eat less to compensate.

--Beer and other alcoholic drinks are also on the list, because they're just empty calories too: A glass of wine has about 170 calories, an average beer has 150, and a shot of liquor has about 100, not including whatever you mix it with.

#3.) Lunch Meat. All the salt can lead to high blood pressure, and that can lead to heart disease or a stroke. Plus, most of it's PROCESSED meat, which is linked to colon cancer.

--Hot dogs and sausages are bad for the same reasons.

#4.) Whole Milk. If you have two small glasses a day, that's over 1,900 calories and 100 grams of fat every WEEK. Skim milk has about HALF the calories, and almost NO fat.

#5.) Ice Cream. Unless it's low-fat and low-sugar, a half-cup of most kinds of ice cream run you about 300 calories and 15 grams of fat.

#6.) Salad Dressing. Especially if it's creamy. Two tablespoons of Thousand Island or blue cheese dressing have about 120 calories and 12 grams of fat. But most people use TWICE that.

#7.) Butter. The only reason it stays solid at room temperature is because it's full of fat. And margarine isn't any better, because it has up to 2.5 grams of trans fats per TABLESPOON.

--That's why you're supposed to cook with canola oil or olive oil whenever you can. They have fat too, but it's GOOD fat.
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Are you happy?
Winning a ton of money, having sexual relations with a model, and getting away with punching someone in the face are all great moments. But those can't happen on a daily basis. If ever.

--A new survey figured out the top 10 little, day-to-day things that make people happy.

This is how the list turned out.

#1.) Eating a really good lunch, 29%.

#2.) Buying yourself something like clothes or a new gadget, 28%.

#3.) Hanging out with friends, 27%.

#4.) Someone innocently flirting with you, 26%.

#5.) A good cup of coffee, 22%.

#6.) A surprise dinner from your significant other, 20%.

#7.) Having time to relax while you catch up on websites or news, 11%.

#8.) Getting a high score on a video game or app, 8%.

#9.) Getting a text message, 5%.

#10.) Catching up with friends on Facebook, 3%.
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1. Freeze the sweets. Chocolate freezes very well, and you'll have several months' worth of desserts for your brown bag lunches stashed. Put hard candies or sweets like Skittles, Starburst and Nerds into tightly sealed bags; they should stay fresh for quite a while.

2. Bake with it. Chopped or crushed, a chocolate- or peanut-based candy can do lovely things for cookie, brownie or cake batter. Use Skittles et al. to decorate cakes or cupcakes.

3. Ice cream enhancement. The same crushed/chopped candy makes a tasty topping on frozen yogurt or ice cream. Or whirl those ingredients in the blender with a small splash of milk for a home version of the McFlurry. Even the cheapest store-brand vanilla ice cream or fro-yo will taste good with those sweet add-ins.

4. Doctor your drinks. Drop a mini chocolate bar into your coffee or a peppermint patty into your cocoa.

5. DIY Advent calendar. Fill a refillable Advent Calendar with leftover Halloween candy in each of the cubbyholes. Betcha the kids won't seem to notice the candy's provenance.

6. Weird science. Microwave a Peeps candy to explain the action of gas molecules. Create a "Mentos geyser." Check "10 scientific uses for leftover Halloween candy" on the Science 2.0 blog for other fun experiments. Teachers: I bet a lot of parents would be happy to donate candy to the classroom.

7. Take it to work. Leaving candy by the office coffee pot is a time-honored tradition. Alternate idea: If your workplace has a candy dish at the front desk, seal your surplus in a plastic bag and give it to the receptionist.

8. Take it to the fire station. Firefighters need fast energy, right? But seriously: Call and ask if they could use it, then let your kids do the giving. Fire trucks are just exciting. (And if you're single, this might be a chance to strike up a conversation.)

9. Take it to the food bank. If someone can't afford groceries, he sure can't afford a piece of candy -- and a little treat can make a big difference when money is tight. And speaking of making a difference...

10. Sell it to your dentist. A program called the Halloween Candy Buy Back encourages dentists to buy sweets from kids; the goodies are then shipped to deployed soldiers. Some dentists pay cash (usually $1 to $2 a pound), and some give small gifts. The website has a search tool to let you find a participating dentist near you.

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The Most Annoying Hand Gestures:
HERE'S how much people hate the "fist pumping" dance that became HUGE during the first season of "Jersey Shore" and has stuck with meatheads ever since. It's only been a "thing" for a few years, and it's already the MOST HATED hand gesture.

--In a new survey asking people to name the most annoying hand gesture, fist pumping tied for first place with 25% of the vote.

--It tied with putting your finger to your lips to "shhh" someone, which also got 25%.

--Both of those JUST beat out AIR QUOTES, which got 22%.

--The thumbs up only got 6% of the vote. And the "OK" hand symbol finished fifth with 4% of the vote.

--There was a noticeable difference in the way men and women voted in the poll. Men ranked the "shhh" gesture as the most annoying . . . women ranked fist pumping as most annoying.
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