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Posts from October 2012

Do you like a man with facial hair???
When I'm walking around, it doesn't SEEM like two out of every three guys has a mustache . . . or a beard . . . or, tragically, a soul patch. But according to a new survey, 64% of American men say they have facial hair.

--50% say their father had a mustache, beard, or both. Which means facial hair is MORE popular today than it was three, four, or five decades ago. Including the '70s. Somehow.

--40% of men say the top reason they grow their facial hair is that it makes them feel more confident. 36% say it makes them feel more attractive . . . 15% feel more sophisticated . . . and 9% feel more intelligent.

--And American women are down with facial hair too. 80% say they like facial hair on a guy . . . that's the highest number of any of the eight countries in the survey.

--Women voted a goatee as the best type of facial hair. And, of course, the soul patch came in last.
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A Woman's Perfect Day
This CAN'T be true can it?????

Researchers wanted to find what a woman’s perfect day would consist of and it appears that less work and more play is the way to go.

According to the 900 women (average age 38) surveyed, here’s are some things women would like to do on their perfect day, and for how long:

  • 106 minutes: Romance or um, intimate relations
  • 98 minutes: Internet
  • 82 minutes: Socializing
  • 78 minutes: Relaxing
  • 75 minutes: Eating
  • 68 minutes: Exercising
  • 57 minutes: Talking on the phone
  • 56 minutes: Shopping
  • 36 minutes: Work
  • 33 minutes: Commute to work (If your commute is basically as long as your work day, you’re just wasting gas my friends.)
  • 2 minutes: Housework

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Eassssy on that cell phone!
I killed a phone once with Beer...once from dropping...and once on purpose because I was SICK of it!!!  Insurance on your phone is a GOOOOOD thing!!!

If your iPhone gets destroyed, it's probably going to happen around the house . . . and it's probably YOUR FAULT.

--According to a new survey of iPhone owners, 51% of people who've DESTROYED their phones have done it around the house. And 69% of iPhone accidents are caused by the owner.

--The kitchen is the place where the most accidents happen. The living room is second, the bathroom is third, the driveway is fourth, and the bedroom is fifth.

--The survey also found 9% of people have dropped their iPhone in the toilet . . . 6% have left it on the roof of their car and driven off . . . and 5% have accidentally run it through the washing machine.

--Also, the liquid you're most likely to spill on your iPhone is water. Soda is second, beer is third, and coffee and tea are fourth.
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My awesome GF always gives me her first and last bite of every meal she has...it's super sweet and I love it....buttttttttttt......

1. Spaghetti. Eating spaghetti by myself is a chore. I always end up with sauce all over my face and noodles falling out of my mouth (please tell me I'm not the only one). I can't even imagine what it would be like to have a set of hands that aren't mine feeding me this messy dish. It would most likely end in the restaurant being cleared out because our fellow diners are disgusted. The Lady And The Tramp thing is just a fantasy!


2. Fondue. Fondue is romantic ... in theory. Many fondue restaurants have low lighting, intimate seating and romantic candles. That doesn't mean you and your man need to attempt to be as romantic as the restaurant and feed each other fondue. Do you want him to get scalding hot cheese on your chin? Do you want to stain his shirt with chocolate? Just use your own fondue fork and feed yourself.


3. Barbecue. Where I'm from in Florida, there are BBQ restaurants everywhere. None of them are romantic, but they're delicious. Nothing is better on a bad day than some good ribs with mac and cheese. However, I'm kind of embarrassed to even eat that meal in a restaurant. I would much prefer to eat it alone in my bed while watching bad TV (don't judge me). And yet . . . I've seen people do this.


4. Burgers. There is nothing yummier (and more sinful) than a hot, juicy burger in your own two hands. Did you hear that? Your own two hands. You don't want all of the toppings falling onto your lap: not cute. Also, come on, you guys can feed each other in the privacy of your own home -- the other diners (even the couples) don't want to see that kind of stuff!

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Ladies, are you afraid to get old???

WOMEN START WORRYING ABOUT LOOKING OLD AT 29: Women begin to worry about sagging breasts, wrinkles and thinning hair when they're just 29. At 29 women start trying to look young again. It's also when they tend to find their first grey hair. 33 percent of women worry about going grey, and thinning hair is a major worry for three in 10.


1. Getting wrinkles
2. Sagging face
3. Sagging boobs
4. Facial hair
5. Going grey
6. Middle aged spread
7. Wrinkly cleavage
8. Thinning hair
9. Sagging butts
10. Bingo wings
11. Wrinkly hands
12. Getting a double chin
13. Thread veins
14. Getting crow's feet
15. Receding gums
16. Getting age spots on hands
17. Thinning lips
18. Receding hair line
19. Bigger moles
20. Bigger ears

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Do ya love your fast food?
Now I am not a big fast food person but Rahny and Alley said this is DEAD on....Agree?

Wendys is the fastest fast food joint. Average service time in a Wendy's drive-thru line was only 129.75 seconds.

They won by a landslide as runner-up Taco Bell was 20 seconds slower on average 

Burger King was in last place with an average drive-thru wait of 201.33 seconds.

Taco Bell had the best audio speakers for ordering, with 98.4 percent of drive-thru employees being clear and understandable.

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