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Posts from September 2012

Free Ways To Show You Care
 I actually do a lot of these!!!  I guess I am more romantic then you!!!!  ;p

1. Cook a Favorite Meal
2. Run a Bath
3. Clean the House
4. Wash the Car
5. Give a Hug
6. Make a Romantic Playlist
7. Make a Card
8. Send a Sexy Text
9. Post a Sweet Nothing on Facebook
10. Hold Their Hand
11. Plan a Date
12. Frame a Picture
13. Ask About Their Day
14. Dedicate a Song on the Radio
15. Say "I Love You"
16. Give a Massage
17. Run an Errand
18. Prepare Lunch for Work
19. Make Love Coupons
20. Give a Compliment
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Ladies vs. Ladies
Women always wanna know how they stack up with other women......This seems pretty dead on! 

  • When the average woman first gets dumped: High school
  • Number of guys she's sent packing: 5 (or more)
  • Length of time the average single woman's relationship lasts: Six months to a year
  • Women who initiated their most recent breakup: 1 in 2
  • Why she thinks her last fling ended: "We were too young and immature."
  • Percentage of women who keep gifts from past loves: 73
  • Her favorite breakup line to use on a guy: "I think we're better off as friends."
  • Most popular line used on her: See above
  • How she let him down: In person - and that's how she'd want to get dropped, too
  • Percentage of women who prefer to hear the bad news over the phone: 9
  • Percentage of Americans who think it's fine to break up over text message: 11
  • Celeb rumored to have asked for a divorce that way: Britney Spears
  • Number of men she will have had sex with in her lifetime: 6
  • Percentage of women who say they have broken up with a man for being a bad dancer: 2
  • Percentage of women who say they broke up with their boyfriends because the guy's friends were annoying: 9
  • When she's most likely to part with him: On a Monday, in January
  • Percentage of women who say a guy has talked them out of dumping him: 40
  • Percentage of women who don't speak to their exes: 35
  • Percentage of women who are still pining over a heartbreaker: 27
  • Percentage of single men who are still pining over a heartbreaker: 50
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I LOVE YOU!.....Well, Maybe....
Ok, I will admit it.....I may be guilty of a few of these!! Don't pretend like you're not though!!!! 


1. Your blood alcohol level was well above the legal limit. We don't advise heavy drinking, but things can get out of control from time to time. We know. When they do, you might say something because you're feeling so in the moment. Really, you're just feeling those seven glasses of Pinot Grigio, you lush. You would have just as soon said 'I love you' to a tree. After your headache goes away the next day, resume with business as usual. Trust us, if he was drinking with you, chances are his recollections of last night are foggy at best. Oh, and don't hit the bottle so hard next time.

2. You slipped up and said it. A new relationship can sometimes feel like an old one, and you might accidentally say things you've said to other guys, i.e., called him someone else's nickname or said 'I love you' to him as you were hanging up the phone. It sucks when this happens because it might scare the new person off, but it's not your fault you're having relationship deja-vu. If you pretend it never happened, he probably will too.

3. You didn't so much say it, as spell it. In candy. A friend who shall remain nameless may have given a guy she thought she loved a carton of ice cream and wrote 'I love you' in M&Ms on top. If you can't actually vocalize it, girl, it ain't real.

4. You said it during sex. Oxytocin tricky! Eyes rollin' into the back of your head, hot dude thrusting away, hitting just that right spot and oh! Oh! Oh! 'I love you!' Wait, what? No, you don't. I mean, maybe you do, but if the first time you said it out loud is mid-orgasm, fingers crossed he was so caught up in his own big O to notice. Or he might have been the one to scream it out. Because you were just that good. Give each other a pass if either of you accidentally say it during sex.

5. You said it in the context of conversation. Another person who shall remain nameless accidentally uttered the phrase when she was walking down the street with a guy she had just started dating. She kept stepping on the back of his flip flop. They stopped and laughed about it. And then, stupidly, she said, 'I'm sorry I keep stepping on you. It's just because I love you.' Did she love him? No. She didn't. It just came out of her mouth. Totally doesn't count. She just went on with conversation as if nothing weird had happened and the guy was kind enough to ignore it.

6. You said it preceded by the words 'I think.' Keep thinking about it if you're not sure, but 'I think I love you' is the coward's way. Keep your mouth shut until you know.

7. You said it over text or IM. Maybe you do mean it, but similar to spelling it out in M&Ms, typing 'I love you' for the first time just isn't gonna cut it. You may know you want to say it, and technology makes everything so much easier, but that don't count unless you say it face-to-face.

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Want to get you guy to buy you things?
I must say that I agree with about 95% of this....Ladies take note, you can get your man to get you some things that you REALLY want!!!  You're welcome! 

 5 Things Guys Like to Pay For, and 5 Things They Do NOT Like to Pay For

Things guys like to pay for!
  1. Ball game tickets
  2. Lingerie & toys
  3. A random Groupon for a really nice hotel, one night only
  4. The first thing on the first date, no matter what it is
  5. Something that you’ll enjoy for yourself, e.g. a massage, day spa, etc.

Things guys…not so much.
  1. Your cab ride home
  2. Expensive tickets to the show you insisted on seeing together
  3. The plate of food you’re only going to take two bites off of
  4. That sappy chick flick
  5. round of drinks, if you already know you’re about to dump him
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Do you lie to your woman???
I don't know how you feel about lil white lies but I think these are A-OK! 

7 Times You Should Lie To A Woman
1. Do you mind taking care of me when I’m sick in bed?
Sure, some people like to lock themselves behind closed doors and be alone when they’re under the weather. But others—likely including your girlfriend—want to be pampered. They want the hot soup, cold compress and loving back rub. Admittedly being the caretaker of a wheezing, feverish patient isn’t always fun, but telling your girl that you want nothing to do with her unless she’s in prime form will only cause you grief.

2. Are you uncomfortable when I cry in front of you?
Scared of feelings? Too bad. Most ladies aren’t, and they like sharing those feelings with others, especially you. Unless your girlfriend is bawling on a daily basis (in which case you may want to consult a professional; I can’t help you there), make it known that when she does go through tough times, you’re there for her. Don’t run in the other direction at the first sight of a tear—that’ll just paint you as an insensitive asshole (excuse my language). You don’t have to be a shrink, or buy three-dozen roses every time she turns on the waterworks; just offer a hug and open ears and she’ll melt on the spot.

3. Do you think I need to wear makeup daily?
No girl wants to hear that she’s only pretty with the help of cosmetics. It’s that simple. This question isn’t an opportunity for you to scrutinize your girlfriend’s best and worst facial features (“Well, you have beautiful lips, but could definitely use some concealer on those dark circles…”). It’s an opportunity for you to make her feel naturally beautiful, and more importantly, comfortable and sexy in your presence, no matter what.

4. Did you have a stripper at your bachelor party?
Whether or not your bachelor party (or your buddy’s bachelor party) takes place in Vegas, it’s best to follow the old ‘what happens there, stays there’ adage. Sure, your fiancée/wife/girlfriend might say she doesn’t care and she’s totally cool with it, but you’re better off erring on the side of omission. If for no other reason than, her libido and sexual confidence will drop through the floor when she pictures you partying with a professionally hot chick. And that hardly does you any good, does it?

5. Do you think my best friend/sister is hot?
Here’s one situation where the wording is critical. It’s one thing to agree when your girlfriend says her sister or best friend is pretty, or looks pretty tonight. Pret-ty. But hot has completely different connotations—ones that’ll make your gal immediately envision you trying to score with her sibling or pal the moment she leaves the room. So repeat after me: “pretty” not “hot.”

6. Do you like hanging out with my family?
If your girlfriend is close with her family, plan on being close with them too. That doesn’t mean you have to call her mom to catch up every Tuesday. It does mean you shouldn’t sit in the corner playing Words with Friends during get-togethers, or complain every time you’re invited to a family dinner. And if your girlfriend isn’t close with her kin? Well, you still need to be careful, because it might be one of those ‘Nobody says that about my mama but me’ situations. Bottom line: if you like the girl, her family members are part of the package, so put on a smile and tell her you love ’em, or you just may get dumped.

7. Do you agree I shouldn’t eat that because I’m getting fat?
No. Just no.
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I don't know about this.....

I don't know.....I feel like these body parts are NOT aging well AT ALL on me.........I think this is more of a "wish list" of how well your body parts age......

--A new survey had people rank body parts by how well they age. And legs came in LAST. Here are the full results: 

#1.) Smile, 45% say it ages best.

#2.) Eyes, 34%.

#3.) Body shape, 10%.

 #4.) Hair, 6%.

 #5.) Legs, 5%.

--The survey also found that 62% of people think dealing with their teeth is the best way to keep their body looking young. That beat dealing with weight, thinning hair, dark under-eye circles, wrinkles, or spider veins on your legs.

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Get embarrassed easily?
I don't feel like anything embarrasses me but I guess some of these may a little!

You probably didn't realize it, but we spend all day walking around HUMILIATED. According to a new survey, the average person feels embarrassed FOUR TIMES a DAY. That's 1,460 times a year. Here are the top 10 ways . . .

#1.) Forgetting someone's name when you're introducing them.

#2.) Tripping in public.

#3.) Getting someone's name wrong.

#4.) Getting food stains or splashes on your shirt.

#5.) Waving at someone and they don't see it.

#6.) Having food stuck in your teeth.

#7.) Thinking someone's waving at you when they're not.

#8.) Being late.

#9.) Forgetting where you parked.

#10.) Burping accidentally.
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How do folks dress at your workplace!?!?
According to a new survey, people are getting more casual with their work clothes. Things that used to be considered inappropriate for the office are now seen all the time. Here are the most common ways we're taking the casual thing too far.

#1.) 53% of people have coworkers who wear golf attire to work . . . but more than half of women think it's okay for men to wear it. We're not sure if that means people are wearing the horribly ugly clothes people insist on wearing when they golf . . .

--Or, if it means that people are going to, or coming from, an ACTUAL golf game . . . which is kinda like admitting that you're not really focused on work.

#2.) 49% have seen BARE LEGS on women. And 72% of men say it's distracting. Three in five older workers say that bare legs are perfectly fine at work.

#3.) 45% have coworkers who show off their CLEAVAGE. 87% of senior managers say it's a distraction . . . but 45% of them say it's acceptable.

#4.) 45% have co-workers who show off their tattoos. Two thirds of workers under age 50 say that's acceptable . . . but 61% of older workers find them distracting.

#5.) 32% of employees have seen tight clothes in the office, and 85% of WOMEN are distracted by it.

#6.) 31% have seen men wear shorts in the office. More than half of women say that it's distracting.

#7.) 30% have female co-workers who wear flip flops, and 13% have male co-workers who wear them.

#8.) 29% of people have female coworkers who wear short skirts. Only one in five mid-level managers say it's acceptable.

#9.) One in five employees have coworkers who wear spaghetti straps, although one in four men are okay with it.

#10.) 14% of people have coworkers who wear SEE-THROUGH clothing. One in five men say it's okay. 91% of women are distracted.

#11.) And 8% of people have seen HOT PANTS in the office.
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Let's check out your panties....
Unless you're a Japanese businessman who collects women's underwear, people PROBABLY wouldn't consider you ABNORMAL when it comes to how many pairs you own. But let's do it anyway.

--A new survey asked people to name the "normal" amount of underwear for a person to own. Here are the results.

--60% say it's eight to 15 pairs, which is a one-to-two-week supply.

--17% say 16 to 30 pairs, which is about a two-to-four-week supply.

--11% say it's only normal to have ONE to SEVEN pairs.

--5% say it's normal to have 30 to 60 pairs.

--And 3% of people . . . who clearly HATE LAUNDRY . . . say it's normal to have 365 PAIRS of underwear.
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These are outstanding!!!!
According to a survey only one in five people call their partner by their actual name all the time. The rest have 'pet names' for each other.

--One in six men refer to their wife as "the boss" . . . and one in 14 call her "the ball and chain." One in 10 guys say their friends found out their wife's pet name for THEM . . . either by her accidentally using it in public, or by friends reading their texts.

--Anyway, here are the 10 pet names that women hate most:

#1.) Babe.

#2.) Sweet cheeks.

#3.) Snookums.

#4.) Baby doll.

#5.) Baby girl

#6.) Muffin.

#7.) Ducky.

#8.) Baby cakes.

#9.) Sexy pants.

#10.) Pudding.
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