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Posts from July 2012

Are you feelin sexy ladies????
I HOPE this survey doesn't mean the best years in a woman's life are ages 28 to 32. Because that just CAN'T be true, right? 

--In a new survey, women say they feel the sexiest at age 28, but they feel most confident at age 32.

--Here are a few other results from the survey . . .

--50% of women say they're proud of their body, and 75% wouldn't change their body shape.

--23% of women say they're most proud of their eyes . . . 20% say their boobs . . . and 13% say their brain. Sure, that means women are three times more likely to like their eyes or boobs more than their brain, but at least it made the top three.

--The number one thing that hurts a woman's confidence is being dumped. Struggling at work is number two.
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Which social media outlet do you think is the most useless for men?

35% Pinterest
26% Instagram
22% Tumblr
17% Foursquare

Which female celebrity would you like your girlfriend to be more like?

51% Emma Stone
20% Kate Upton
16% Tina Fey
9% Kim Kardashian
4% Nicki Minaj

Which of the presidential nominees do you feel you could beat in a fist fight?

57% Mitt Romney.
43% Barack Obama.

Which of the presidential nominees do you feel would make a better wingman?

79% Barack Obama.
21% Mitt Romney.

Which of the following celebrities which you most likely vote for if he were running for president?

35% George Clooney.
20% Jay-Z.
14% Conan O'Brien.
12% Tom Brady.
10% Louis C.K.
9% Dr. Oz.

What keeps you up at night?

38% Nothing. I sleep like a baby.
28% Anxiety about my relationships.
24% Anxiety about my work.
10% Anxiety about the state of the world.

When is the last time in the day that you check your work emails?

47% Before I turn off the light to go to sleep.
40% Before I leave the office.
13% Before I sit down for dinner.

What is the first thing you do upon waking up in the morning?

40% Get in the shower.
27% Check my email or other messages.
26% Prepare breakfast.
7% Exercise.

When you turn on your mobile device in the morning, what is the first thing you check?

64% My social feeds/messages.
24% My work email.
12% My websites.

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Holding on to your ex???
  Based on the odds, someone in almost every relationship is holding on to photos of their exes. So if you got rid of all of YOURS . . . that means your significant other probably has some of THEIRS.

--A new study found that about 43% of people admit they're holding on to photos of their ex or exes. They don't always do it secretly, but some do . . . 20% of men and 9% of women who have photos of their ex say they're hidden.

--Men feel GUILTIER about holding on to photos than women, 17% to 11%.

--Of the people who have photos of their exes, 48% keep them in old photo albums . . .
31% keep them in cupboards or drawers . . . 12% keep them in storage . . . and 9% keep them in files on their computer.
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Here Are the 10 Most Embarrassing Wedding Mishaps:
Here are the 10 most embarrassing things that can happen on your wedding:

#1.) Bad outfits: The example they gave was a bride's mother who wore an inappropriately sexy dress.

#2.) Tension between the mothers: Nasty comments, one-upmanship, and full-blown arguments between the bride and groom's mothers.

#3.) The groom showing up at the altar drunk.

#4.) Wardrobe malfunctions

#5.) Crying babies.

#6.) Someone speaking up: You know when the minister asks, "Speak now or forever hold your peace" . . . apparently people outside of TV shows sometimes do.

#7.) The groom picks the venue. Although it's hard to imagine that happens very often.

#8.) Seating chart politics: It can be tough to keep all the family members who hate each other separated at the reception.

#9.) Unwanted guests: Not uninvited guests . . . but when you invite someone just to be polite, and they show up and make a scene.

#10.) One of the dads dancing at the reception.
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SOOO True! Seven Weird Things We All Do but Never Talk About..

In case you don't realize how similar we all are, we've got a list here of seven weird things that EVERYONE does. Basically, it's stuff you probably do all the time. You just never talk about it. 

#1.) You Keep Singing Along to a Song After You Leave the Room. Then when you come back, you see if you're still in sync with it.

#2.) When You're Writing the Word "Wednesday," You Sound It Out in Your Head as "Wed-Nes-Day." And you probably do the same thing with the word "beautiful." You sound it out as B-E-A-U-tiful.

#3.) You Write the Wrong Date on a Check So You Look More Responsible. Like when you're supposed to mail a check by the first of the month, but you don't get around to sending it until the third.

#4.) You're Cooking Something Like Macaroni & Cheese, and You Throw Away the Package Too Soon. So you have to dig it out of the trash to look at the directions again.

#5.) Your Cell Phone Is Covered in Smudges. So you wipe the screen with your thumb until all the smudge marks are going in the same direction. 

#6.) You Make a Mistake While You're Entering Your Password on a Website. But instead of using the backspace key, you delete the whole thing and start over.  

#7.) You Hate the Sound of Your Microwave Beeping. So you always stop it when there's one second left.

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Stay cool!
A company did a survey recently to find out how people keep cool in bed during the summer. Here are the five top responses:

#1.) 42% of people open the window.

#2.) 25% of people say they switch to lighter bedspreads.

#3.) Here's the one you were waiting for: 21% of people beat the heat by sleeping NAKED. And guys are more likely to do it: 26% of men will strip down for bed when it gets hot . . . compared to 16% of women.

#4.) 11% of people wear lightweight cotton pajamas or nighties. Women are three times more likely than men to wear skimpy clothes to bed.

#5.) 1% keep cool by switching to satin sheets.
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LEt's get in your panties k ladies?!?!?
Here's a survey on sexy underwear:

--14% of Americans say they wear sexy underwear just in case they seduce someone . . . and 18% wear it because they "want to be ready for action."

--49% of us wear it for ourselves, just because it makes us feel good. And 47% wear it to look good for our partner.

--79% of us wear sexy underwear on dates . . . 57% wear it when we go out partying . . . 59% of us wear it when we go out to dinner . . . and 24% wear it to the GYM.

--42% of people say they wear sexy underwear EVERY DAY . . . but 19% of us NEVER wear it.
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Would this make you jealous?!?!
Researchers from Cornell University surveyed men and women to see what would make them most jealous when it came to their boyfriend or girlfriend . . . and an ex.

--Basically, people were asked to rank interactions between their partner and an ex based on how jealous they would get. Results were the same for men and women. Here are the top four responses.

#1.) Going out for a meal: The researchers said that there's just something special about sharing food . . . so the dating service "It's Just Lunch" knew EXACTLY what they were doing when they had people go out to eat together.

#2.) Going out for coffee: It's not as troubling as eating together, but it's still a problem.

#3.) Talking on the phone.

#4.) Exchanging emails.
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Do these things annoy you?
A survey by Ask.com found out what "little things" bother us the most. Here are some of the most annoying things:

#1.) Unreliable weather forecasts: 59% of people said they were annoyed by that.

#2.) Missing a package delivery because you weren't home: 53%.

#3.) Email spam: 49%.

#4.) Unreliable public transportation: 43%.

#5.) Dead cell-phone batteries: 35%.

#6.) Plumbers, electricians and other people we need who are closed when we need them: 31%.

#7.) Lazy family members: 29%.

#8.) Not being able to find things online as quickly as we want to: 14%.
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Are you a patient person???
We've got the results here of a new survey that proves three things. One, most people genuinely believe they're PATIENT. Two, most people are completely delusional about that. Three . . . men are especially delusional.

--According to the survey, about three-quarters of people say they're patient . . . and men are more likely to say they're more patient than women. Even though the examples from the survey suggest the opposite is true.

--The average woman is willing to wait in line for five to 10 minutes . . . the average man is only willing to stick it out for two to five minutes.

--And men are more than twice as likely to give the car to a valet rather than drive around looking for parking.

--The survey also found that people rank checkout lines as the most frustrating places to wait. Airports are second, gas stations are third, banks and ATMs are fourth, and coffee shops are fifth.

--The most common way people pass the time in a line is playing on their phone. 2% of people say they pass the time by trying to think of ways to jump the line.
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Here Are the 10 Most Annoying Hand Gestures:
The makers of a new iPhone app called Goggle Eyes did a survey to find the most-annoying hand gestures. Here's the Top 10, starting with the most annoying:

#1.) Using your fingers to make "Air Quotes".

#2.) Talk to the Hand.

#3.) Tapping the side of your nose to say "none of your business."

#4.) Blah Blah Blah. That's when you open and close your hand like a mouth.

#5.) Finger Guns.

#6.) Hand Punch: You hit your palm like you're getting ready to fight.

#7.) Pointing to your eyes and then another person to say "I'm watching you."

#8.) Call Me: Making your hand into a fake phone.

#9.) Fake Yawn.

#10.) Throat Slash.
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Are you cool????
Good to see scientists working on something important. Like figuring out the main qualities that MAKE YOU COOL. That's way more important than curing cancer, right?

--Two psychologists in New York just finished a major study to determine the qualities that go into being cool. Here are the top 11, in order.

#1.) Friendly.

#2.) Personal competence . . . like being smart or talented.

#3.) Trendy.

#4.) Desirable . . . both as a friend and to other people sexually.

#5.) Attractive.

#6.) Unconventional . . . being unique or an individualist.
#7.) Prosocial values . . . like being caring or honest.

#8.) Humorous.

#9.) Confident.

#10.) Emotionally controlled . . . like being aloof or calm.

#11.) Hedonistic . . . being fun or a partier.

--A few qualities that didn't make the list are being ironic, rough, thrill-seeking, or driven for success.
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Lie # 10: "I'm Stuck in Traffic"

"He figures it's much easier to just say this than to try to explain the real reason he's running late," says John Amodeo, author of The Authentic Heart. "Remember, men aren't as good at communicating as women are." The funny thing is, a guy will toss this line out even if what held him up is perfectly legitimate. Still, you shouldn't let it slide - it's a lie nonetheless.


Lie # 9: "It Wasn't That Expensive"

"Men like toys, and they don't like sensing your disapproval, even if you don't share a bank account," Amodeo says. He could also be dropping this fib to try to prove he's responsible with money, says Barton Goldsmith, author of Emotional Fitness for Intimacy. "He doesn't want you to think that if you do share funds down the line, he's going to blow them all on things like plasma TVs."


Lie # 8: "I'm on My Way"

Guys usually throw you this line when you're making them meet you at some event they don't want to attend - like, say, your family reunion. He's stalling, but he's also being pouty. Consider: He can't exactly refuse to go without enduring serious repercussions from you, and he can't very well throw a temper tantrum in front of your pop-pop. So saying this and then showing up late is his way of gaining a wee amount of control.


Lie # 7:"I Didn't Have Too Much to Drink"

This lie could point to a serious problem - and we're not just talking about your relationship. If he says it often he could have an alcohol issue, Goldsmith says. You need to talk to him about how concerned you are, but watch the timing. "That's definitely a conversation you need to have when he's sober," Amodeo adds.


Lie # 6: "Sorry, I Missed Your Call,"


Lie # 5: "My Battery Died," and


Lie # 4: "I Had No Signal"

These three lines all mean the same thing: I screened your call. Why? "Often men will feed you these lies because they're afraid to tell you to back off a bit, that they need a little alone time," Amodeo says. You might want to ease up on the checking in and let him miss you more.


Lie # 3: "No, Your Butt Doesn't Look Big in That"

Look, if you assail him with the question in the first place, you're really just asking to be thrown this all-purpose mollifier. "Every guy has a buddy who's told him, 'I answered this question wrong once, and my girlfriend wouldn't have sex with me for a year,' " Goldsmith says. This is the one safe response he knows, so there's no way he's going to risk the worst by straying from it. If you want an honest opinion, go ask one of your girls instead.


Lie # 2:"This Will Be My Last Beer"

Our experts say this man-lie delivered over the phone means he wants to get you off ASAP so he can spend more time with his buddies. The thing is, even if he says it three times in a night, each time he believes it, Goldsmith says. It's like when you vow this will be your last cookie...five times in a row.


Lie # 1: "Nothing's Wrong, I'm Fine"

A whopping 52 percent of men have told their girlfriend this line. According to experts, this go-to fib is all about avoiding drama and protecting male pride. Men know they're not as good with articulating what's happening or how they're feeling, so it's easier for them to just keep you out of the situation. Next time he uses this line, give him a couple days and then ask him again if he is still bummed...and why. By then he may have figured things out.

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The 10 biggest complaints men have about women.
The website eHarmony.com just released a list of the 10 biggest complaints men have about women. Since it was probably compiled by some really jaded dude who writes for them, you may or may not agree . . . but here's their list:

#1.) Women see men as projects they can fix.

#2.) Hollywood has given women unrealistic expectations about romance.

#3.) Women are always looking down the road for the next step . . . like "What are we?" or "Are we exclusive yet?" or "Are we going to get married?"

#4.) Women use emotions as a weapon.

#5.) Women have a tendency to be critical.

#6.) Women like to play coy.

#7.) Women fixate on trying to figure out what men are thinking, instead of watching what men are doing.

#8.) Women don't understand or like men's desire for alone time.

#9.) Women have a complex set of double standards.

#10.) Women want men to change . . . then lose respect when they do.
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