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Posts from June 2012

How far would you go for your phone????

--59% would reach in and fish it out. But the survey DIDN'T ask if people would fish it out of a toilet that . . . um . . . needed to be flushed versus one that was clean.

--They also found 63% of people would DIG THROUGH GARBAGE to try to find their lost phone.

--25% would physically FIGHT someone to get their phone back.

--17% would go onto train tracks to retrieve their phone.

--And 12% would run into traffic to get it back.

--Finally, 10% of people say they'd rather leave home WITHOUT THEIR PANTS than go without their phone.
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The Athlete Most Women Would Cheat With . . .
--Here's the Top 10, along with the percentage of married women who'd nail them. It totals more than 100%, because women were asked to pick their TOP THREE.

#1.) David Beckham, 43.1%

#2.) Tim Tebow, 19.6%

#3.) Tom Brady, 17.9%

#4.) Derek Jeter, 16.5 %

#5.) Alex Rodriguez, 13.2%

#6.) Cristiano Ronaldo, 11%

#7.) Michael Phelps, 10.5%

#8.) Peyton Manning, 9.6%

#9.) Aaron Rodgers, 9.5%

#10.) Surfer Kelly Slater, 9.2%

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First EVER pizza survey!
zza isn't exactly known as a traditional summer food. But this is America. Where pizza's a food for ALL seasons. And all occasions. And all times of day.

-Zagat just released the results of their first-ever national pizza survey. Here are some highlights . . .

#1.) The average American eats pizza 4.3 times per month, or almost exactly once a week. Men eat it more than women, 4.8 times per month versus 3.8.

#2.) 88% of people eat pizza for dinner . . . 37% have it for lunch . . . 18% eat it late night . . . and 7% of people even eat it for breakfast. People in the Midwest are much more likely than any other region to eat pizza for breakfast.

#3.) New York thin crust is America's most popular type of pizza. Brick oven is second, and Neapolitan is third . . . which just means your regular pizza: Not thin crust, not deep. Chicago-style deep dish is fourth, and Sicilian is fifth. That's the square one.

#4.) Pepperoni was voted the number one pizza topping. It's followed by mushrooms, sausage, onions, ham, olives, pepper, extra cheese, spinach, and anchovies. Women actually prefer mushrooms to pepperoni.

#5.) Anchovies were named the most disgusting pizza topping. The rest of the top five are pineapple, broccoli, olives, and chicken.

#6.) 30% of people say they blot the grease off their pizza before they eat it.

#7.) 12% of females and 7% of males say they don't eat the crust.

#8.) 43% of Americans eat pizza by holding the slice flat . . . 38% fold the slice . . . and 19% use a knife and fork.
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At work naked!?!
A corporate marketing company called Citrix just put out the results of a survey on office life . . . and, basically, how much better it is to work from home. Here are five random facts from their survey . . .

#1.) 32% of people who work at an office say they'd give up their lunch breaks to work from home. 20% would give up coffee.

#2.) Men say the worst thing about being in an office is getting roped into BABY SHOWERS. Team-building activities are second-worst. Women say the worst thing are costume contests . . . staff photos are second-worst.

#3.) 49% of people say they work with someone who's a "know-it-all," 44% work with someone who constantly complains, and 40% work with someone who constantly gossips.

#4.) 18% of people have snuck out of the office in the middle of the day to exercise. 12% have snuck out to nap.

#5.) 49% of people who work from home say they're most likely to wear jeans and a t-shirt. 25% wear pajamas . . . 14% wear workout clothes . . . and 7% just wear either UNDERWEAR or go TOTALLY NUDE.
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When is it gonna happen???
Pfizer sponsored a survey that found the average age for different milestones in people's lives. Here's what they found out:

--You have your FIRST KISS at age 15.

--You're financially independent from your parents at 22.

--You have the BEST SUMMER OF YOUR LIFE when you're 24.

--You start reminding yourself of your parents at age 32.

--You begin FEELING YOUR AGE at 38.

--The age when you should stop having kids is 41.

--You should RETIRE at age 64.

--And you should expect to LIVE until you're 84.

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Men and women hate one another!
A new survey asked men and women to name the things they CAN'T STAND about each other. Overall, it seems men hate women's argument techniques . . . and women hate men's lack of cleanliness. Here are the top five lists for both.

--What Men Hate About Women.

#1.) Saying "I'm fine" when they're clearly not.

#2.) Talking too much.

#3.) Constantly asking what men are thinking.

#4.) Winning fights by crying.

#5.) Never saying sorry, even when they're wrong.

--What Women Hate About Men.

#1.) Not listening properly.

#2.) Not putting the toilet seat down.

#3.) Leaving nail clippings and beard shavings wherever they fall.

#4.) Having friends they don't like.

#5.) Hogging the TV remote.
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Sexiest people....
According to a new poll by Billboard.com, Music's Sexiest Woman is.......  

#1.) Britney Spears, 45%

#2.) Lady Gaga, 12% 

#3.) Beyonce, 8% 

#4.) Rihanna, 6% 

#5.) Katy Perry, 5% 

#6.) Demi Lovato, 3.89%

#7.) Madonna, 3.75% 

#8.) Jennifer Lopez, 3%

#9.) Nicki Minaj, 1.89%

#10.) Taylor Swift, 1.84%

For Music's Sexiest Men, the voting was a lot closer. 

#1.) Adam Lambert, 26% 

#2.) Adam Levine, 12%

#3.) Justin Bieber, 10% 

#4.) Enrique Iglesias, 9.75% 

#5.) Bill Kaulitz from Tokio Hotel, 8% 

#6.) Bruno Mars, 5.9%

#7.) Jon Bon Jovi, 5.8% 

#8.) Chris Brown, 5%

#9.) Usher, 3%

#10.) Drake, 2%

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HAHA....SOOOO true!!!!
People Who Need To Get Out Of The Way :

7. People Who Stand in Front of the Most Useful Thing in the Room
6. People Who Just Want to "Get in Real Quick"
5. People Who Stand Right in Front of Elevator Doors
4. People Who Are in Denial About the Size of Their Backpacks
3. People Who Must Always Stay Parallel to Their Walking Companions
2. People Who Leave Two Seats Between Them at Airports
1. People Who Spontaneously Start Conversations in High-Traffic Areas
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Shady ladies!
Have you ever bought clothes, kept the tags on them while you wore them out . . . then returned them? If you're a man, probably not. If you're a woman . . . yeah, there's a decent chance you have. Even though that's DIRTY.



--According to a new survey, about one out of every eight women say yeah, they've bought some expensive clothes, worn them out, then returned them the next day.



--The authors of the survey say the actual number is probably even higher . . . these were just the 12.5% of women willing to admit it.



--Of the women who admitted to doing that, about half say the main motivation was the money . . . they couldn't afford to keep the clothes. About one in five say they like to do it for the RUSH . . . it's like stealing, but feels less risky.



--Women are most likely to buy an outfit for a WEDDING, wear it once, then return it. Christenings are second, black tie events are third, and Christmas parties are fourth.

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So you died....What do you wanna know?
If You Could Watch Your Own Funeral, What Would You Be Most Curious About?

It's not morbid to think about your own funeral. Everyone does it. Plus, don't you kinda want to know how it would go down?

--A new poll asked people what they'd be MOST curious about if they could watch their own funerals. Here's the breakdown . . .

--51% of people say they're most curious about what people would say about them in their eulogies.

--19% are worried about the numbers, and would be most curious to know how many people were there.

--11% would want to see if any surprise visitors showed up.

--And 7% would be most curious about how they look in the casket.
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