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Gettin it done...

I just finished painting the last two white rooms in my house. I have finished the carpet and have moved the furniture into my basement. All that’s left is building the bar area then the house of my dreams is complete! Kaerek Homes started this for me a year ago….I can’t believe it’s already been a year! Anyway I can’t stop with the projects. See, I am so in love with this house I just can’t stop myself when it comes to projects and accessories around the place. I have already talked to a landscaper and he’s coming by so we can figure out what to do with the yard in spring…see I just can’t let it sit! I want this gorgeous Kaerek home to be the bell of the ball in my neighborhood! I personally think it’s well on the way to that! Well I am off now to work on my huge three car garage and hang some TV’s in it!...I am a man after all!!! www.kaerekhomes.com 11600 W. Lincoln Avenue, West Allis (414) 321-5300
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Next Thursday is National Sandwich Day. So the Land O'Frost lunchmeat company is celebrating with a survey on America's love of sandwiches.

--More than half of all Americans say they eat sandwiches for lunch . . . EVERY DAY. One in three eat their sandwiches at their desk at work most days. Only one in 16 say they regularly eat lunch sandwiches at restaurants.

--And America's favorite sandwich is . . . TURKEY. One in three adults say that's their favorite lunchmeat for sandwiches. Roast beef finished second, followed by ham.

--There's a big gender divide when it comes to roast beef, which kept it from taking the top spot in the poll. One in three men say roast beef sandwiches are their favorite, but only one in five ladies agreed.

--Half of all Americans pick potato chips as their favorite side dish for a lunch sandwich. Only one in ten opted for fruits or vegetables. (--Can you really call potato chips a side dish?)

--And one in four people prefer sweet versions of their lunch meat, like honey-flavored ham.
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Do you ever wanna just go buy new clothes instead of washing what you have because well…..you’re lazy? That’s me lately….but I have one major problem, I have a TON of clothes from Hollywood Threadz! I mean I probably have 7-8 loads to do! I should just run to HT and get more and do the laundry later but I am just enabling myself by doing that and making the problem a whole lot worse! I also run into the problem of having his and her closets in my new house….but I tie them both up…no room for “her.” So there is the stress in my life: 1) Laundry. 2) No room for “Her.” 3) My weight goes up and down so I have skinny and fat clothes. Oh. My. God……I am a woman!!!!!!!!!! I just now realized that I am my mom, sister, ex-wife, every other female on this planet! ….That’s it…I’m outta work….gettin some Ice cream and doing some retail therapy at Hollywood Threadz today! :)
Check them out online:
HWY 100 just six blocks and 4 minutes south of Mayfair mall. Between Bluemound and Watertown Plank right next to Honey Baked Ham!!! 801 N. Mayfair Rd in Tosa or call at 414-727-8220.
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Be THAT person!

We're getting close to holiday party season, and that can only mean one thing . . . coworkers getting recklessly hammered together and doing things they'll regret.

--We've got the results here from a new survey on company Christmas parties. And this is either going to make you really nervous about your party . . . or really optimistic that it's gonna be AMAZING. Check it out . . .

--52% of people have seen someone get so drunk at a company-sponsored party that their behavior crossed over from, quote, "embarrassing to inappropriate to downright dangerous."

--26% say a coworker or supervisor shared INAPPROPRIATE DETAILS about themselves or another coworker.

--19% have actually seen someone drunkenly ARGUE or get aggressive with the boss.

--30% have seen someone flirt with a coworker or supervisor . . . and 9% have actually witnessed two coworkers engaging in drunk, SEXUAL ACTIVITY at the Christmas party.
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Here are the Six Most Germ-Covered Surfaces We Touch Every Day:

I'd go ahead and buy stock in Purell right now . . . because when you hear this you're gonna want to run out and buy a year's supply of hand sanitizer.

--In a new study, researchers found the six most germ-covered surfaces we touch almost every day. And the scary part is . . . most of the time we touch them without even thinking about it, so we probably don't wash our hands afterwards.

--The researchers swabbed surfaces in Philadelphia, Atlanta, Miami, Chicago, Dallas, and L.A., looking for high concentrations of bacteria, mold, and dirt . . . which could spread the flu, or worse. Here are the most germ-infested spots . . .

--71% of gas pump handles had high concentrations of germs.

--68% of public mailbox handles.

--43% of escalator rails.

--40% of parking meters and parking kiosks.

--35% of crosswalk buttons.

--And 35% of vending machine buttons.
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Loosin up your buttons babe!

Is it weird that I have become an addict of buttons…and lil silver studs…and wild patterns? This what I mean: When you girls wear those jeans that have those AMAZING pockets on your back side I can’t help but stare…and when they don’t I’m judging you and thinking you had such potential what a waste! But no really, get those jeans! Hollywood Threadz has Silver, Miss Me, True Religion, William Rast and that is just mentioning a FEW! Here is the problem though with the above proclamation: They also have Rock Revival, Affliction, Buffalo, etc for men at Hollywood Threadz….that not being the problem but the fact that those jeans have the same type of pockets!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh well I guess if we all have good lookin bumpers the world will be a happier place……at least mine anyway. Never stanky, never crusty new and name brand used clothes at Hollywood Threadz. Renew you style!
Check them out online:
HWY 100 just six blocks south of Mayfair mall. Between Bluemound and Watertown Plank right next to Honey Baked Ham!!! 801 N. Mayfair Rd in Tosa or call at 414-727-8220.
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Ya ever drive through a brand new neighborhood and get home envy? That used to happen to me ALL the time! Now I live it…I live in that neighborhood that people drive slowly through to look at all of the amazing brand new homes. I almost wanna invite people in and say if you love the exterior you should see the interior of this crib! Yeah Kaerek has plenty of these neighborhoods all over the Milwaukee area that will make people jealous of where YOU live! Spec homes available today! Build you dream! Window shop all of the amazing things your house could have in it at their website or just storm through the doors and into the 8,000 sq foot showroom! Any way you twist it when you build with Kaerek Homes in my eyes you are building the best home you can! I was just thinking the other day how sad I would be if I ever had to sell it for any reason….Don’t even think about it! It’s NOT happeneing!!!!! www.kaerekhomes.com 11600 W. Lincoln Avenue, West Allis (414) 321-5300
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Takin off my shorts!

I was just walking up the hall here at work and a co-worker said to me “You’re not gonna be able to wear those shorts much longer.” :( .....or...... :) It’s bitter sweet. I like wearing shorts and short sleeves but when it comes to what we wear, guy clothes for winter are WAYYYY cooler! And now that I have teamed up with Hollywood Threadz my clothes this winter are gonna be aWESome! :) Get it a W-E-S ome??? <3 me! Anywho…Get out and get the cold weather gear that will keep you lookin top notch for this cold climate we’re gonna have to endure for the next 7 months at Hollywood Threadz! All the latest fashion and styles for WAY less!...and Ladies…I guess I’ll let ya shop at my store too! “Hollywood Threadz has name brand new & used clothes…nothing STANKY!!!!”
Check them out online:
HWY 100 just six blocks south of Mayfair mall. Between Bluemound and Watertown Plank right next to Honey Baked Ham!!! 801 N. Mayfair Rd in Tosa or call at 414-727-8220.
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Smile! You're on camera!

We've really turned into a nation of VOYEURS. According to a new Harris poll, 50% of American adults say that, yeah, they sometimes pull out their phone to take a secret photo or video of someone.

--And here's who they're targeting . . .

--23% have taken a photo of someone in an embarrassing outfit.

--20% have photographed an athlete at a sporting event.

--15% have gotten someone tripping and falling.

--10% have taken a secret picture of a sexy waitress.

--9% have taken a photo of a shirtless guy mowing the lawn.

--7% have taken photos of cheerleaders.

--7% have photographed their boss or a coworker eating.

--6% have photographed someone's disgusting grooming habits.

--And 5% have taken a picture of a couple making out.

--The survey also found that the type of guerrilla cell phone videos people most want to see is someone pulling a prank on a coworker.
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Last week, a study of brain scans found that people aren't addicted to their cell phones . . . they're in LOVE with their cell phones. And a new study shows that some people even love their phones MORE than their significant others.

--According to the survey, one in eight people say their partner spends more time using their phone than TALKING to them.

--It also found that women spend an average of 15 hours a day within arm's reach of their phones, and men spend 17 hours a day that close.

--16% of women and 18% of men also sleep with their phones next to them in bed.

--On a night out, people spend an average of 48 minutes on their phones . . . and send an average of three emails, 12 texts, two photos, and up to three Facebook status updates or tweets.

--34% of people admit they text or email during face-to-face conversation.

--And finally, 27% try to keep their phone in visual distance when they're out at dinner, so they can see if they get a new message.
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You go girl!

This goes against everything we think we know about men and women . . . but it's good news, so we're going to roll with it.

--According to a nationwide survey by the people who make K-Y Jelly, women are now more SEXUALLY ADVENTUROUS than men . . . because they get bored with traditional sex faster than men. Here's what they found . . .

--Women are more likely to report having sex outside the bedroom, 85% to 83%.

--Women are more likely to TALK DIRTY, 76% to 63%.

--Women are more likely to suggest WATCHING PORNO TOGETHER, 51% to 48%.

--Women are more likely to have sex when there's a chance of being heard or getting caught, 68% to 55%.

--Women are more likely to strip for their partner, 45% to 33%.

--Women are more likely to have been in a THREESOME, 10% to 6%.

--Women are more likely to have ROLE PLAYED, 23% to 17%.
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Cause it's just worth it!

I was out for dinner and drinks the other night with my friend and we got talking about the project of me finishing off my basement in my new Kaerek Home. After telling him that I am adding a granite counter tops, cabinets, a fireplace and then all the other finishing things I would need he said “wow you have expensive tastes.” I have thought about that a lot since then because it doesn’t really feel that way to me. Here’s the thing my house is amazing in every way on the main level that Kaerek did for me. The amazing flooring, huge master shower, tall vaulted ceilings in most of the rooms…I could go on and on and will! But the point is I couldn’t imagine not continuing this home in the fashion that Kaerek Homes started it- Making it MY dream home. So that’s the attitude that I have with my projects- continuing my dream!...now if you could just lend me a couple bucks! :) Use this info and start YOUR dream -www.kaerekhomes.com 11600 W. Lincoln Avenue, West Allis (414) 321-5300
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I can be a good guy....CAN..

So tomorrow night (10/7) I am emceeing a big ol charity event at The Harley Museum where there will be about 800 people in attendance. So when you do stuff like that ya gotta be dressed up. Everyone there will be in suits and dresses….that is except me…kinda. See I don’t do the whole “dress up” thing well. I dress up in MY way. I have some attitude so my clothes do to. They are my expression. That’s where Hollywood Threadz comes in. I can dress up but they have the perfect look for MY style. Even if the tude-wear that I rock isn’t your thing they have the perfect look for you to re-new your style! Hollywood Threadz now is carrying what I keep hearing all of you ladies talk about…WILLIAM RAST! And wayyyyyy cheaper than the mall! So get in and get your style on at Hollywood Threadz! ….Oh yeah and I’ve heard that people love when I say this “Hollywood Threadz has name brand new & used clothes…nothing STANKY!!!!” BTW the pic to the right is not condoned by the staff, management or ownership of Hollywood Threadz...I just wanted to prove that they make me look better...this how I looked before going there!!! LOL!
Check them out online:
HWY 100 just six blocks south of Mayfair mall. Between Bluemound and Watertown Plank right next to Honey Baked Ham!!! 801 N. Mayfair Rd in Tosa or call at 414-727-8220.
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Losing control!

Do you ever do that fateful thing of starting what is supposed to be a simple and inexpensive project that turns into a major one that costs you WAYYYY more then you expected??? Two thoughts on this: The first keep the cost down by going to Kaerek Homes, they can help you with the remodel with the design and with the material! Second: I’m living it. Kaerek built me an AMAZING house and even finished off the basement (including 9’ walls which is awesome for a guy 6’3”!!!) outside of the flooring. Here in lies the problem, I can do tile, I have a carpet guy, but as I get this stuff done I keep adding to it. A granite topped bar. New custom cabinetry. A corner fireplace. All stuff that isn’t outrageously priced because I’m using Kaerek but I’m a tad out of control! But I justify it because this is truly a dream house and I’m just putting on finishing touches. I will attach pictures when the task is complete!!! www.kaerekhomes.com 11600 W. Lincoln Avenue, West Allis (414) 321-5300
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My perfect woman.

There is NOTHING sexier then this: a girl in a attitude-y Sinful type shirt. A hot pair of Rock Revival, 7, True Religion type jeans and some 4” heels!!! YUMMMM! I have been seeing that a ton lately with the weather cooling off and just about losin my grip! ALL OF THIS…you can get at Hollywood Threadz btw ladies…and lose at my house! Kidding….kinda! But no, I am serious I love-LOVE that look, Dresses are fine. Skirts are ok. Even track suits have a place in sexy-land (Ya can get most of that at Hollywood Threadz too!  ) too but that is the look I LOVE! Now if you like the guy that wears all of that same type look here I am. We’ll get on a Harley together and splash Milwaukee with some tude together! WARNING: If you do go buy that stuff at Hollywood Threadz and I run into you wearing that hot-A@& look out and about…I will bite you! I will…Biting…also my thing!!! BAM!
Check them out online:
HWY 100 just six blocks south of Mayfair mall. Between Bluemound and Watertown Plank right next to Honey Baked Ham!!! 801 N. Mayfair Rd in Tosa or call at 414-727-8220.
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I pee in the shower...do you?

The results are in from College Humor’s 2011 Sex Survey. Of particular interest are the results on the ever-controversial topic of peeing in the shower. According to the 50,000 people surveyed, it’s cool to take a whiz in the shower if it’s your own shower, you don’t have to clean it yourself. Shower pee-ers are clearly a very, uh, niche demographic. 68% percent of people who shower more than once a day think it's okay to pee in the shower 40% percent of people who pee while in the shower don't clean their own shower (a maid or parent cleans it).
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Check out my booty!!!

I’ve gotten such great response talking about someone checking out my backside on the air I thought I’d get some mileage here too! So, I was at a Mexican restaurant in Brookfield and was walking back from the restroom and a woman said “Rock Revival huh?” I turned around and said “what’s that?” She said “your jeans” and I answered with “Yes, they are my favorite…and why are you checking out my tuckus???” She just smiled. The point is that the clothes I get at Hollywood Threadz turn a lot of heads and get a lot of “where’d ya get that” questions. This was just a first that a random woman was checking out my Donk-a-donk-donk! Bad news for Allison and her staff at Hollywood Threadz…I am gonna now take EVERY pair they have!!! So if you want some ya better beat me there….Oh and Ladies they have’em for girls too…and I have also checked out some backsides …and……WOW!
Check them out online:
HWY 100 just six blocks south of Mayfair mall. Between Bluemound and Watertown Plank right next to Honey Baked Ham!!! 801 N. Mayfair Rd in Tosa or call at 414-727-8220.
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Turned on?

Five Things Scientifically Proven to Arouse Women . . .

They've done lots of scientific studies over the years to figure out what turns women on. Here are the five big findings that'll make women uncontrollably drawn to you. So get on it . . .

#1.) A Deep Voice. Deep voices aren't just signs of manliness, studies have also found they're more memorable. And women are biologically attracted to men who stick in their memories.

#2.) A Feminine Look. Women look for LESS masculine men when they want to settle down. Because there's a better chance those guys will stick around. So full lips and gentle cheek bones beat a square jaw and big muscles.

#3.) Wearing Red. A study out of the University of Rochester found that men who wear red are perceived by women to be better looking and higher status.

#4.) Moodiness. In a study out of Canada, women were LEAST attracted to smiling, happy men. They preferred everything else: Guys who looked moody, proud, or powerful.

#5.) Scars. A man with a scar on his face is more attractive to a woman in the short-term, because he looks BRAVE or DARING. Women look at men with scars on the face for one-night stands, though . . . not long-term relationships.

Five Things Scientifically Proven to Arouse Men . . .

Here's a collection of five different studies that found different traits scientifically proven to turn men on. Enjoy . . .

#1.) Not Being Funny. At least, don't be funnier than the guy. Men want a woman with a sense of humor . . . but that means laughing at HIS jokes more than making your own.

#2.) Full Lips. A study in England found that when women wear lipstick, men look at their lips for an average of seven seconds . . . and spend less than two seconds on looking at their eyes and hair combined. So, prominent lips attract men.

#3.) Brown Hair. A study by a social dating site called Badoo found that men overwhelmingly prefer brown and black hair to blonde hair.

#4.) Wearing Red. When a woman wears red, it gets a guy's attention AND makes him start feeling a little juiced up sexually. And that's all subconscious, so he's developing an attraction to you and doesn't realize it's happening.

#5.) Long Arms. In a study out of Sydney, women with long arms were perceived as more attractive than women with long legs. In fact, no other trait corresponded to men rating women attractive as much as long arms.
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Takin care of business!!!

I talk a ton about my new house. What an amazing, spacious, open concept ranch that Kaerek Homes built for me. I talk about the way I put over the top effort into decorating it because it is so beautiful I had to give it that lil extra TLC. I talk about how excited I am to be completing my basement to finalize this dream house. I tell you about how there are plenty of spec homes that are in great neighborhoods ready for move in today. I tell you if you a remodeling-Kaerek, Financing/re-fi- Kaerek, just thinking of a new home- Kaerek. Well recently I had a very minor piece of stone break off of the front of my house, I called Kaerek and less then 24 hours later it was fixed…now to me that speaks volumes! The way they treat and care for their customers at Kaerek homes! Just another reason to build…. customer service. You can with Kaerek! www.kaerekhomes.com 11600 W. Lincoln Avenue, West Allis (414) 321-5300
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Do we have chemistry?

In a new survey, only 20% of people say that PHYSICAL ATTRACTION is the MOST important element for establishing chemistry on a date. In a related survey, I believe that 80% of people lie.

--The survey was by a dating service called It's Just Lunch. Here's how it broke down . . .

--44% of people said "feeling comfortable" is most important for establishing chemistry on a date.

--28% said it's great conversation.

--20% said physical attractiveness.

--And 7% said it's flirtatious and sexy banter.
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A MUST HAVE for your man!

Product of the Day: Fart Neutalizing Pad Called Subtle Butt

Subtle Butt: Disposable Gas Neutralizers. These ingenious carbon pads filter odors from flatulence, but the side of the pad that touches the skin is treated with an antimicrobial. These Subtle Butt fart filters are a good idea, but only if you know ahead of time that you’re going to consume gassy foods.

· Would you wear this on a first date if you know you were going to eat Mexican?

· Have you ever accidentally let a fart go and it made a situation very awkward?

· Who would you like to give these pads too?
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Gettin called out!

I can’t believe they are trying to call me out at Milwaukee Harley for the Chili Cook-off on Oct. 8th! I mean just because I have never placed in three years should mean NOTHING! This is MY year people!!!

Don't let Wes McKane show you up in a Chili Contest!!! Amateurs and Professionals ALIKE - Sign up your Chili Team TODAY for Milwaukee Harley-Davidson's 7th Annual Chili Cook-Off! It is a great opportunity to network and promote your business, group, or cause, not to mention SO MUCH FUN! Go to: http://www.mediafire.com/?i6i5kdr0icii0di to download the entry form or e-mail Sarah: s.murphy@milwaukeeharley.com

Milwaukee Harley-Davidson's 7th Annual Chili Cook-Off: Bigger than EVER!
Location: Milwaukee Harley-Davidson
Time: ‎12:00PM Saturday, October 8th

11310 W Silver Spring Road , Milwaukee, 414-461-9044
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I see the light at the end of the tunnel!!!

A few things I’m pumped about that I want to share. 1st: I have finished the tile in my basement and next week I’ll have carpet. 2nd: my house is clean! (I’m a single guy…not always the case!) 3rd: I talked to them over at Kaerek Homes and I’m getting the cabinets for my bar, the trim for it as well, the granite for the bar top and hopefully a fireplace to make my “man cave” (the downstairs of my aWeSoMe Kaerek Home) nice and cozy! I can’t wait to finish the beauty that Kaerek started…the inside-almost done!!! Lastly: It’s pretty apparent that Kaerek didn’t just build me an awesome home because I’m proud to say that they won all categories ~ Peoples Choice Award for the Fusion model at the 2011 Parade of Homes! www.kaerekhomes.com 11600 W. Lincoln Avenue, West Allis (414) 321-5300
Here’s the article:
2011 MBA Parade of Homes People’s Choice Winners
Tim O’Brien Homes, Belman Homes and Kaerek Homes take top honors

Milwaukee Metro – Thousands of attendees to this year’s Parade of Homes voted to determine the 2011 MBA Parade of Homes People’s Choice Winners and the results are in. Awarded in four categories — overall, landscape, interior design and best room — the accolades recognize builders at each of the three Parade sites.

In the Waterstone subdivision in Grafton, winning across all four categories, was Tim O’Brien Homes with The Bayberry model.

At the Hawk’s Meadow subdivision in Pewaukee, Belman Homes won with The Tuscany model in the categories of overall, interior design and best room. Wolter Brothers Builders took home the landscape award with their Autumn Ridge model.

Kaerek Homes swept all four categories at the Bluffs Of Oak Creek subdivision with The Fusion model.

“We want to thank all the builders for a great show and their participation in this year’s event,” says Kristine Hillmer, MBA Executive Director. “Congratulations to all of this year’s winners and a big thank you to all the builders who participated.”
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