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Posts from September 2013

CEO Of Barilla Apologizes For Anti-Gay Remarks
What do you think is this a solid move by the CEO, or were his remarks unforgiveable?  

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Who's Making A Cameo In The Dumb & Dumber Sequel?
Jennifer Lawrence.  Yep!

Jennifer Lawrence is making a cameo in the sequel, The Hollywood Reporter has learned, reporting to the Atlanta set to play a young version of Kathleen Turner's character. Lawrence's Hunger Games: Mockingjay set is nearby, and sources say the entire cast has visited the Dumb and Dumber To location.

She's a fan - so this is obviously cool for her.  See her Dumb and Dumber impression:

Read the FULL STORY.
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5 Random Facts for Monday, September 23, 2013
Random 5 @ 5:55
·         In Samoa, for a family with too many sons, it is acceptable to raise the youngest as a daughter.
·         44% of people watch TV to fall asleep.
·         When Confucius was 16, he worked as a grain inspector.
·         On average, you’ll spend 5 years of your life eating.
·         65% of kids have had at least one imaginary friend by the age of seven.
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Clicking "Like" on Facebook Now Protected Under the Constitution

Hitting the "Like" button on Facebook is an element of free speech protected by the US constitution, a federal court ruled Wednesday, in a case closely watched by employment lawyers.

The US Court of Appeals based in Richmond, Virginia, made the judgment in the case of a Virginia sheriff's department worker who claimed he was fired for exercising his free speech rights -- in this case "liking" a political opponent of his boss.

"His conduct qualifies as speech," the court said in a 81-page decision that sent the case back to a lower court for review of those issues.


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Topics: Human InterestLaborLaw_Crime
Locations: RichmondVirginia

Did You Update Your iPhone? Here's Some Helpful Tips
Apple released the new software "iOS7" yesterday, and it COMPLETELY overhauls your iPhone software.  Looks different, and really cool!  There are some features that some people are finding annoying, if you CLICK HERE you can find a way around these little "annoyances.  
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Local man Orders $140 worth of McDonalds sammiches, creates "McEverything"
And wouldn't you know it, we actually know the dude.  Way to go, Nick!

PHOTO: DudeFoods

Ultimate McSandwich - $140!??  This past Monday – Nick Chipman walked into the McDonalds at 66th and North avenue in Tosa – just after 10am, so he was able to buy both breakfast AND lunch sammiches, and proceeded to order EVERY SAMMICH on the menu….and a diet coke.  He then skewered all the sandwiches together to make a 4 foot tall ULTIMATE McSandwich.  He ate three breakfast sandwiches, and took the rest home to fill his fridge with leftovers for the next week, where his wife says there is no room for groceries anymore.  This has made NATIONAL News!
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5 Random Facts for Thursday, September 19, 2013
Random 5 @ 5:55

·         Odds that you’ll be killed by a plane falling from the sky: one in 25 million. Odds it will happen today – one in 7 TRILLION.
·         The four most dangerous steps on most staircases are the two at the top and the two at the bottom.
·         Thirteen percent of adults say the last day of summer is the occasion they dread most.
·         The Pentagon uses 636 rolls of toilet paper a day, a CLEAR matter of national security.
·         The Average American consumes 22 gallons of beer per year. 

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Criminal Stuck In East Side Veterinary Air Duct
Milwaukee police arrested a 19-year-old man who was apparently trying to steal prescription drugs from the Small Animal Hospital on the east side Sunday.  

Officers were able to locate him because he got stuck in one of the building’s air conditioning ducts.
According to Police, the suspect:
“Stripped down, bare naked and squeezed into the ventilation shaft with a hammer and a flashlight, presumably one in each hand”

The suspect told police he was looking for drugs, presumably painkillers and sedatives used to treat sick animals. 

He was stuck there for 11 hours, and was found Monday morning when employees heard him yelling from the above air ducts.  

The whole ordeal caused about $5,000 worth of damage to the ventilation system of the Animal Hospital. 

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Topics: Human InterestLaw_Crime

NEW PRODUCT: "Poo-Pourri" Bathroom Spray Is A Real Thing
There are few things as embarrassing as smelling up the one small bathroom at work. Or worse, at a party or significant other's house. But thankfully, there is the new Poo~Pourri product. 

With PooPourri, the scents of your excursion in the netherworld are completely sealed under the water of the toilet. 

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Topics: Human Interest

Italian Cruise Ship FINALLY Raised...almost 2 years later.

Footage captured from the shores of Giglio Island shows the 950ft-long cruise ship rising up from the reef on which it ran aground in January 2012, in a disaster which claimed the lives of 32 people.

This time-lapse shows the wreckage of the Costa Concordia slowly being raised more than 19 months after it ran aground killing 32 people on board.

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Topics: Disaster_Accident

Powerball Jackpot Rolls Up To $400 MILLION!

Lottery officials have announced on the Powerball website that no ticket has matched all Saturday's numbers drawn for that game's giant jackpot, which now swells to an estimated $400 million or a $223.6 million cash-option value.

The five numbers drawn Saturday evening in the multi-state game were 1-17-25-37-44 and the Powerball: 20.  The next drawing for all elderly participants to win is this Wednesday.

More at www.powerball.com 

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Why were people protesting outside the Packers game?
Protesters were seen outside Lambeau Field before yesterday’s Packers game.  Several are members of Wisconsin’s Oneida and Menomonee tribes. They say Washington’s team name and logo represent harmful stereotypes.  They showed up 4 hours before the Packers victory yesterday, in the pouring rain holding signs reading “Washington Team: stop trying to put lipstick on a pig! Your “R” word is racist”

“The Washington Redskins are in a place where they could take a little leadership here, change a logo, stereotype. A lot of corporations, a lot of entities change their logos and they usually continue in business. The name is a derogatory name. It’s a racial slur. It goes back to the bounty hunting era of the Colonial Period. This particular logo is a severed head logo. It certainly isn’t a symbol that should be used by the football team that is in our nation’s capital,” Barbara Munson said.

A bunch of records were also set yesterday, attendance: 78,000!  Aaron Rodgers tied an all time Packers passing record, and James Starks had the Packers first 100 yard rushing game since 2010!  Way to go, Pack.  
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Topics: Sports
Locations: Wisconsin
People: Aaron RodgersBarbara MunsonJames StarksWashington Team

5 Random Facts for Monday, September 16, 2013
Random 5 @ 5:55

·         The city of Tokyo has more people than the entire country of Canada.
·         Nirvana got kicked out of their own release party.  They showed up drunk, started a food fight, and were told to leave. 
·         You are three times more likely to get a computer virus from a religious website than a porn web site.
·         In Bhutan, a country in south asia marijuana grows in the wild and is more common than regular grass.
·         Starbucks has a secret “captain crunch cappuccino” - How to order: strawberries and crème frappe with one pump of caramel, two pumps of toffee, one pump of hazelnut, and two scoops of chocolate chips.
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Locations: South AsiaTokyo

Parenting: They're Doing It Right

Last month, a dad in Utah wasn't happy about the short shorts his teenage daughter was wearing . . . so he tried to shame her by making his OWN cut-off jean shorts, and wearing them all over town.  Eventually the photos of him got online, and he says his daughter HAS started dressing a bit more appropriately.

PHOTO: YouTube

Then there was the mom from California, who was upset her daughter was Twerking, so she made her hold this sign up in traffic.

PHOTO: YouTube 

Careful kids.  Now your parents can punish you, and the whole WORLD will know of your hijinx. 

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Topics: Human Interest
Locations: CaliforniaUtah

APP: Miley Cyrus Internet Blocker

If you're at all plugged-in to “what’s happening,” you are likely aware of the cultural tidal wave that is Miley Cyrus. And for those of us that are tired of riding that wave, there’s now an app for that.

As long as you are using the Google Chrome internet browser, you can get the app HERE.  

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Topics: Technology_Internet
People: Miley Cyrus

5 Random Facts for Thursday, September 12, 2013
Random 5 at 5:55

·         Kool-Aid can be turned into Gatorade by simply adding salt.
·         There is an alarm that runs away and hides if you don’t get out of bed on time.
·         There are 923 words in the English language that braek the “I before e” rule.  Only 44 words actually follow that rule. 
·         Real orgasms are said to burn 112 calories, but FAKE ones burn 315 calories. 
·         80% of women report faking orgasms, and 100% of men don’t care.
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Wisconsin Golf Course Apologizes For "9/11" Special

We all let Memorial Day become about mattress specials and getting hammered, instead of honoring fallen Americans.  And we should all be ashamed.  So we are NOT about to do that to 9/11.


On Monday, Tumbledown Trails golf course in Verona, Wisconsin published ads for a SEPTEMBER 11TH SPECIAL . . . nine holes of golf for $9.11, or 18 holes with a golf cart for only 19.11.


But the ad got passed around on social media, and Tumbledown Trails got the BACKLASH you'd expect for EXPLOITING 9/11.


They say their goal was to remind people of the significance of the day.


So they apologized, canceled the special and the ads, and said they'd donate any profits today to a 9/11 memorial fund.


(Milwaukee Journal Sentinel)

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VIRAL VIDEO: Man Sees Wife Again for The First Time
This guy had an operation, and upon waking up next to his wife in a drugged up haze, sees her again "for the first time"...this should make you smile a little.  

Here's the story behind the video. 

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VIRAL VIDEO: Ultimate Twerk FAIL. - FAKE??
Whoa.  Jimmy Kimmel gets us all.  Twerk fail twas a FAKE!

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Topics: Human Interest
People: Jimmy Kimmel

5 Random Facts for Tuesday, September 10, 2013
Random 5 at 5:55

·        The inventor of the old school Game Boy was originally a janitor for Nintendo.  Guess he showed them!
·        In Jamaica t here is an erotic dance known as “daggering” that was banned from TV after causing broken penises.
·        75% of American adults wear some kind of fragrance.
·        When asked to describe the odor that  best defines America, 39% of people said “barbecue”
·        Sweedish law prohibits trained seals from balancing balls on their nose.  
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Miley Cyrus' serial twerking isn't only turning off and losing the support of fiancee Liam, Disney channel finatics and millions of fans, she has lost the privilege of gracing the cover of Vogue.

According to Anna Wintour, editor in chief of American Vogue magazine, her original ploy was to promote Miley as a new fashion icon; however, after Miley's recent display of tasteless behavior at the VMA's, Wintour has decided to drop the singer's December cover shot completely!

I guess that excuse of 'we can't stop, we won't stop" doesn't work for everyone Miley!!! Sorry boo! 
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Wes & Riggs interview Cody Simpson

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People: Cody Simpson

Super Bowl

Yesterday, the NFL announced that BRUNO MARS will headline this season's Super Bowl halftime show on February 2nd.


Bruno appeared in a live broadcast of Fox's "NFL Sunday" to make it official.  He described the gig as, quote, "an honor." BEYONCÉ headlined the last Super Bowl halftime show earlier this year. Before that was Madonna, the Black Eyed Peas, and before that The Who.  

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Topics: Sports
People: BRUNO MARSMadonna

VIRAL VIDEO: Ultimate Twerk FAIL.
Well now.  That didn't go well at all. 

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BREAKING: Alley Welcomes Baby Hudson!!
Welcome Hudson Michael! 7lbs, 3oz. 20 1/2 inches long. Born Sept 4 at 908pm!

Mom and baby are happy and healthy - first pics are below! 

You send notes of Congratulations to Alley on her Facebook Page!  
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Topics: Human Interest
People: Alley

JUNK DRAWER: Kanye & Kim spoiling North West
No word on whether or not Alley will spoil little Hudson like this, but...

No big shocker here:  KANYE WEST and KIM KARDASHIAN are already spoiling their newborn daughter North.  According to "OK!" magazine, the kid already has twenty $800 cashmere blankets, a 1,300-square-foot nursery and a photographer who comes to take pictures of her twice a week.  Oh, and she also owns a tiara and a $200,000 ruby pendant.

Baby Bling is the new rage, apparently.  
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Do you forget a TON of things?!?!
I hope you get some comfort knowing you're not the only person constantly FORGETTING things.  Of course, soon you'll forget I said that.  But until that happens, you can be comforted.
According to a new study, the average person forgets an average of FOUR things every day.  That's 1,460 every year.  Here are the top 10 most common things we forget . . .
1.  Why you went into a room.
2.  Where you put your keys.
3.  Things you wanted to buy at the grocery store.
4.  People's names after you meet them.
5.  Where you put your pen.
6.  Taking meat out to defrost.
7.  To respond to an email.
8.  To mail something.
9.  What you wanted to search for online.
10.  Where you parked your car.
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Topics: Human Interest

JUNK DRAWER: Celebs getting knocked up, and tying the knot!
Guess who's Preggo?  

In Touch Weekly" 
says that 43-year-old GWEN STEFANI is pregnant again.  If this is true, this will be the third for Gwen and her husband GAVIN ROSSDALE, who's 47.  They already have two sons . . . 7-year-old Kingston and 5-year-old Zuma.  Gavin is also father to 24-year-old model DAISY LOWE.

And who's walking down the aisle again?  

Scarlett Johansson is giving marriage another shot. The "Under the Skin" actress, 28, is engaged to French journalist Romain Dauriac, according to People. Dauriac reportedly popped the question about a month ago with a vintage Art Deco ring. Previously, Scarlett dated actors Sean Penn and Jared Leto. She was also married to Ryan Reynolds for two years before they called it quits in 2010. (Reynolds wed Blake Lively in September 2012.)
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Are you a GERMOPHOBE??

When you're in a public bathroom, the last thing you want to do is TOUCH ANYTHING.  And apparently a lot of us go to great lengths to make sure we don't.



According to a new survey of over 1,000 U.S. adults, 64% of us use our foot to flush the toilet . . . 60% use a paper towel to touch the door handle . . . 37% use one to turn the faucet on and off . . . and 48% use our hip to open the door.



The study also looked at how often we wash our hands, and it shouldn't surprise you that women are better about it than men are.  74% of women said they ALWAYS wash up, compared to 60% of men.



And 38% of men said they frequently see other guys leave the bathroom without washing, compared to 25% of women.



But overall, NONE of us are great about it.  70% of the people surveyed admitted that they sometimes just RINSE their hands, and don't actually use soap.



(PR Newswire)

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Most Embarassing way to kick the bucket??

No matter how much people love ELVIS . . . and make no mistake about it, people are still INSANE about Elvis . . . no one wants to die like him.  Assuming, of course, he's not secretly alive in the Cayman Islands or something.



A new survey asked Americans to pick the most embarrassing way to die . . . and the top answer was ON THE TOILET.  Here are the results. . .



37% of people said the most embarrassing way to die is on the toilet.


17% said while HAVING SEX.


13% said eating FAST FOOD.


10% of people said choking on a pretzel.


And 10% said slipping in the bathtub.



The survey also found that only 24% of people say they'd be willing to cryogenically freeze themselves after they die, in the hope of someday being revived in the future. 



(CBS News)


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7 Promises Parents Should Never Make
There are 7 promises parents should never make to their children and here they are! We discussed them this morning, but you go ahead and be the judge when it comes to the things you tell your kids!
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