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Posts from August 2013

9 Signs Your Relationship Is Stale
Is your relationship getting stale?  Think you act too much like an old married couple?  Well, you MIGHT be one of those people who need to freshen things up!  Here is the list we talked about this morning....it's the 9 signs that you're relationship is getting stale!  Enjoy!
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Are you MIDDLE AGE? 10 Signs You're There.

Wes fits this list, he's an old man.  A smelly old man.  

There's never been an official definition of MIDDLE AGE, but people USED to consider those in their 40s middle aged.  Not anymore.  Now people are living longer and acting YOUNGER.  So middle age had to adjust.


According to a new survey, you don't become middle aged until you hit . . . 53.  But that's just the average.  You could hit middle age even later . . . or a lot earlier.  The survey also came up with the SIGNS you've hit middle age.  Here's the top 10.



1.  You lose touch with technology.


2.  You find you have no idea what the "young people" are talking about.


3.  You constantly have new aches and pains.


4.  You need an afternoon nap.


5.  You groan when you bend down.


6.  You can't name any modern bands.


7.  You're always talking about your joints.


8.  You hate noisy bars and restaurants.


9.  You start getting ear hair, bushy eyebrows, nose hair, and female facial hair.


10.  You think all cops, teachers, and doctors look young.



(Daily Mail



(You can see the top 40 list here.  Some may only apply to England, but a lot of them also feel relevant here.)


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Topics: Human Interest

10 Things Bad Bosses Say
A lot of people hate their boss and there are actually people out there who LOVE their boss....this morning we talked about the 10 things Bad Bosses Say.  In case you missed it or wanted to hear it again, here's the list so check it out for yourself!
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The new guy Riggs decided to photobomb Alley and Elizabeth Kay from our sister station, The Mix.  He starts Monday morning so don't forget to tune in at 5:30 am sharp!
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4 Foods That Last Forever
Photo Credit: Siona Karen via Flickr
This morning we talked about the 4 foodsthat last forever....who knew you could keep so much crap for so long!  To see the full list so you stop throwing these things away, click here!
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