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Posts from June 2013

20 Things To Stop Posting On Facebook

Are your friends annoyed by you?? Well, probably according to this list of the 20 things your friends wish you would stop posting on Facebook.  Check out the list so you can stop the insanity!

Photo Credit: marcopako via Flickr
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What's Causing That Headache?

Do you get headaches a lot?  Well, you might be surprised what the reason for the ache is....check out this list of the 6 surprising things that cause headaches...you might even realize you are doing some of them!
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Topics: Human Interest

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7 Foods Most Likely To Make You Sick This Summer

You may have heard us discussing on the show the 7 foods that are mostlikely to make you sick this summer.  The list is surprising and if you wanna see it, click here!

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